Sunny Edwards Weighs In On The Errol Spence – Bud Crawford Bout

06/04/2023 - No comments

Sheffield’s own Sunny Edwards, reigning flyweight champion, sat down with Pro Boxing Fans to break down the upcoming Errol Spence Jr – Bud Crawford fight.

“It’s one of those fights that are very hard to break down… you get to a certain level of elite where it depends whose identity gets imposed a bit more,” he commented.

Reflecting on the credentials of both fighters, Edwards observed that Spence’s size and Crawford’s victories in various weights could tip the scales. “Some people favor that Spence was always bigger, always like a genuine welterweight. Some people favor Crawford’s done it in more weights and beat more people,” he explained. However, he also pointed out the potential implications of Spence’s unfortunate car accidents and subsequent time off.

“But at the same time, that doesn’t put you in the best stead for one of the hardest fights you’re ever going to imagine having,” Edwards noted, emphasizing the intense challenge that Crawford poses. Despite acknowledging Spence’s immense talent, Edwards expressed a slight bias towards Crawford. “I would favor Crawford because of what I mentioned, but at the same time, Errol Spence is great,” he said.

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The Sheffield-based champ went on to highlight how a scarcity of significant fights affects the motivation and preparation of boxers. He added, “Sometimes you’re negotiating the fight; it doesn’t happen for two or three months. If you do that twice in a year, that’s half the year gone.”

Edwards also touched upon the changing dynamics of the boxing industry, explaining how the trend is now leaning towards mega fights rather than a string of regular events. “The promoters are battling for the Mega fights; they’re not battling for as many events through the door… it was a boxer’s market for a long time.”

On the topic of heavyweights being lured by the potential of huge payouts, Edwards acknowledged the influence of big money, suggesting it’s starting to skew decisions. “Yeah, whenever there’s big money somewhere, it starts skewing it,” he remarked.

In summary, while Edwards admits that predicting the outcome between Crawford and Spence is a difficult task, he expresses a slight favoritism towards Crawford. He also highlights the impact of external factors such as injuries and financial opportunities on the boxing industry and the fighters’ decision-making. His insights provide an interesting look into the current state of professional boxing and the upcoming Spence vs. Crawford showdown.

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