Edwards & Campos Exchange Final Words @ Press Conference

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In the grandeur of the sweet science, as boxing is poetically dubbed, stands one Edward “Sunny” Edwards, a lad of the United Kingdom. His chronicles within the squared circle echo within the hallowed halls of boxing history, reflecting the values of valour, grit, and honour.

“Thank you to the Matchroom staff, DAZN, yourself Eddie, Frank Smith for believing in me,” Edwards declares, an expression of deepest gratitude reminiscent of the gallant knights of yore. An acknowledgment of the constant faith, the unwavering belief in the potential of a young, pugilistic squire becoming a knight of the squared circle.

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“I’m definitely in the best place and the best position of my career,” he affirms with a confidence that parallels the grandeur of the Victorian age. Boxing, akin to the finest symphony, consists of movements – a crescendo and a decrescendo. Now, Edwards finds himself in the loudest, most compelling part of his symphony, ready to play out the movements that lie ahead.

“I’m really, really excited about what the future holds,” exclaims the young champion. Ah, the thrill of possibility! The future is but an unwritten chapter, holding promise for a legacy that may echo for centuries to come.

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He displays a sense of impatience that radiates youthful vigour and tenacity. “I feel like I’ve already been made to wait way, way too long for them anyway.” Edwards is a young stallion, raring at the gates, eager for the bugle’s call. His readiness is palpable, to face the battle that awaits him within the ring.

His courteous nod to his adversary, Andres Campos, harks back to a sense of chivalry, “I just happened to be that for the last well since December 2021, he’s been calling me out, tagging me, and stuff.” Despite the exchanges outside the ring, he remains composed, undeterred, focused solely on the upcoming duel.

Yet, he does not shy away from proclaiming his self-belief, an echo of yesteryears when a man’s confidence was his mightiest weapon. “Do I believe Andres Campos is the biggest threat in the world? No, do I think he belongs in the ring with me? I’ll be real, I don’t.” A declaration of his prowess, a challenge to his opponent, a call to the sporting gods.

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“I’ve got 19 fights and not one percent of the fights I’ve ever looked like losing. Boxing has been easier for me, and I think my 20th fight is probably one of my easiest.” Such bold proclamation speaks volumes of the man’s self-assured spirit and the formidable journey he has traversed in the world of pugilism.

Thus, Sunny Edwards, the noble combatant of the modern boxing era, stands in readiness to etch his name in the annals of history. His tale is not just about the art of landing punches, but a testament to the human spirit – a saga of determination, courage, and resilience. As he articulates, “I’m going to show them the levels that I’ve got on Saturday night.” And so, the world awaits with bated breath, eager to witness this next chapter in Edward’s pugilistic tale.

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