Sulaiman is fed up with Fury vs Usyk negotiations: “We are all tired”

03/22/2023 - No comments

Mauricio Sulaiman expressed his tedium for the long negotiations and obstacles to make the fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk for the undisputed heavyweight title.

“We are all tired of waiting for their decision if they fight or not”, Sulaiman said in a press conference questioned by IZQUIERDAZO. “I want them to decide if they are going to fight, and if not, move to our next step”.

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Sulaiman said that someone is interfering with the negotiations.

“When the interests are that big, and get priority over the interest of sport, things can get complicated”, Sulaiman said. “Ego, abuse of power, selfishness. Big fights can get done fast. Everything is there for them to sign, but someone is sticking his hand there, obstructing (it to get done)”.

Mauricio Sulaiman feels that this is the right time to get a fight for the undisputed heavyweight title.

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“This is a unique opportunity to unify the four (heavyweight) titles”, Sulaiman said. “If that fight is not done now, the title is going to fragment, and each fighter will have to face his mandatories. It would be a shame if this fight doesn’t happen”.

In case the fight between Usyk and Fury is not happening, Sulaiman clarifies that Tyson Fury doesn’t have a mandatory fight soon.

“He (Tyson Fury) is at freedom”, Sulaiman said. “We have not ordered anything else. A fight between Deontay Wilder and Andy Ruiz was ordered to get a mandatory rival (for Fury), but that fight has not happened either, so there is nothing else. We were waiting for the Usyk fight (with Fury) and then we would see”.