Steven Nelson recalls sparring Terence Crawford

07/20/2023 - No comments

Steven Nelson spoke highly of his training partner, Terrence Crawford, detailing how their mutual growth and competitiveness propel them forward. Nelson to KO Artist Sports:

“Every time I’ve seen a workout, Terrence works out non-stop. We always say if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, we train like we’re training for the biggest fight every training camp.”

Nelson’s journey wasn’t devoid of humility and learning. The boxer who started boxing at 21, reminisced about his initial spar with Terrence, and how it changed his perspective. He noted,

“When I first started boxing and sparred with him, I realized I had a lot to learn. I learned that size doesn’t matter.”

“t helped me out because I went back home and I worked that much harder. Next time it was like we were playing chess.”

Nelson stated that it was his determination to improve that led to a transformation in his fighting style, making him the formidable opponent he is today.

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“He’s so competitive that it just makes you like, you know what, sometimes you like, ‘I don’t feel like digging that deep.’ But when you’re with him, you just let him go, man, because he’s competitive in everything.”

In his words, Terrence Crawford’s competitive streak adds an interesting dynamic to their training sessions. He shared a humorous anecdote about their competitive nature, particularly while doing deadlifts. Nelson stated,

“One thing I’m confident about is my leg strength. When we do deadlifts and stuff, Terrence didn’t believe that I could deal with like 600 pounds. I took on the challenge, loaded it up and did it on my first try.”

Beyond the Ring

Nelson isn’t just a boxer but also an artist and a comedian and ensures that every time he steps into the ring, he leaves a lasting impact on his fans. He excitedly shared,

“From the time I walk out to the time I leave the ring, it’s going to be something fans will always talk about.”

His mantra isn’t focused solely on the manner of victory but rather on winning itself, “we don’t look for certain ways to win a certain way. We just look at winning.”