Steve Bunce on the Turn of Events in the Heavyweight Division

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Steve Bunce, the esteemed boxing commentator, recently took the time to share his insights and offer a unique perspective on the current happenings in the heavyweight boxing division. Bunce, known for his candid observations and intriguing insights, had a chat with Boxing King Media today, this is what Bunce had to say:

“We were all prepared for Deontay Wilder,” Bunce confessed. The surprise signing of Oleksandr Usyk with Skill Challenge Promotions was a development he, among many others, did not anticipate. “I expected Usyk to be involved with the Saudis in November and December, but I did not expect him to sign a deal with them. Like you, I thought it might be Wilder or even Fury because he’s floating around everywhere.”

Boxing’s Bluster and Bold Claims: More Than Meets the Eye?

While acknowledging the wave of commotion around Usyk’s signing, Bunce suggested that this might not translate into any substantial changes in the division. “Fury has challenged a zillion people, Usyk has delivered brilliant put-downs, and AJ has been called a coward by Fury. But apart from one man putting his signature on a piece of paper in Riyadh, what’s really changed? Not much,” he commented, highlighting the chasm between the headlines and the actual happenings in the heavyweight business.

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An Unusual Twitter Showdown: Bunce’s Guinness Pint vs Tyson Fury

In a tongue-in-cheek comparison, Bunce relayed how a tweet featuring his Guinness pint eclipsed Tyson Fury’s boisterous challenge to Jon Jones in terms of popularity. “My Guinness pint attracted more views than Tyson Fury promising to rip Jon Jones’s head off. It’s interesting to see how fans have shifted their attention in recent years,” he observed.

With speculation around Fury’s contractual status rife, Bunce offered his interpretation. “Fury lives his life on the notion of personal freedom. He may not be a free agent in the strict contractual sense, but he certainly behaves like one. He doesn’t listen or take advice from anybody,” he stated.

Frank Warren’s Interviews: A Pugilistic Perspective

Turning his attention to boxing promoter Frank Warren’s recent, somewhat fiery, interviews, Bunce found a practical point amidst the bravado. “If you’ve got a massive Wilder fight for a lot of millions lined up, it’s understandable you don’t want to take a risk beforehand.”

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“I think that AJ might fight in August and Fury and Wilder will likely fight in November or December. Usyk will definitely fight towards the year-end. I can’t say for certain who will fight whom. But that’s the beauty and unpredictability of boxing,” Bunce mused.

The seasoned commentator wrapped up the conversation with an important reminder: “It’s a pity we’re not discussing the best heavyweight in the world being the best ever in the world. Instead, we’re discussing what the best heavyweight in the world has said about the second and third best heavyweights in the world. That is very sad.” Indeed, his insights serve as a stark reminder to all boxing aficionados about the essence of the sport – it’s not just about the surrounding hullabaloo, but the sheer skill, strategy, and power demonstrated within the ring.


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