Stephen Fulton Vs Naoya Inoue Fight Prediciton by Tank Davis Trainer Calvin Ford

07/20/2023 - No comments

In a recent interview, MillCity Boxing boxing coach Calvin Ford shared his thoughts on the Fulton vs Inoue fight:

“It’s one of those most underrated fights,” Ford begins, instantly acknowledging the significance of the fight.

Ford’s allegiance is clear. He sides with ‘Cool Boy’ Fulton, stating his long-standing relationship with the fighter and the mutual respect shared between their respective teams.

“My Muslim brother, I love him to death. I’ve known him since the amateurs. His coach and I have been rolling together since the amateurs. I’m rolling with Cool Boy all day long.”

When asked how the fight could unfold, Ford exercises caution. However, he adds a hint of optimism in favor of Fulton, banking on his Philadelphia roots.

“It’s hard to say until you get in front of this kid. But the difference that he does have in his favor… he’s from Philly. He’s got that Philly blood in him. He’s got to go in the house, rob the house. And I think he can do it.”

Fulton’s Winning Attributes

“What do you think is his best attributes to be in your way? Is it his size? Is it his movement?” Ford is asked.

In response, Ford suggests that it’s more about the fighter’s spirit than physical attributes.

“It could have gone either way, but that was worth it. He was throwing some punches. That was a step up, and then you know, he knocked him off.”

Ford closes on a note of admiration for Fulton, commending his willingness to confront the challenge head-on, irrespective of external factors. His respect for Fulton’s attitude underscores the fundamental principles of the sport – courage and determination.

“A lot of fighters talk about him. But Cool Boy went over there and took the challenge. That’s what it’s about. Take the challenge. He ain’t crying about the money, he ain’t crying about being over there. He said, ‘I gotta go do what I gotta do.'”

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