Spence vs Crawford: Shawn Porter’s Expert Perspective

07/26/2023 - No comments

Spence vs Crawford: A Fight for the Ages. Former world champion Shawn Porter offers his perspective on the fight:

“I feel sorry for anybody that misses this fight.” – Shawn Porter

Porter’s praise for both fighters was unwavering, indicating his high respect for their determination and skill.

“Both these guys are defining me of what a fighter is. They got all the heart in the world.”

Porter has a first-hand understanding of Errol Spence’s tenacity and determination, having faced him iin September 2019.

“Errol is going to stay focused, he’s gonna stay locked and loaded no matter what happens.”

His acknowledgment of Spence’s resilience, ability to stick to his game plan, and his technical talent make for compelling reasons to watch the upcoming fight. Porter also remarked on Spence’s exceptional ability to recover from adversity, reflecting on his triumphant return to the ring following a horrific car accident and eye injury.

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Crawford’s Consistency

Discussing Terence Crawford, Porter focused on his flawless record and lethal punch. He recognized Crawford’s consistency and highlighted how it could be a key factor in the upcoming fight.

“Consistency versus consistency and to me, that’s the key to being a champion.”

He also hinted at the tactical strategy Crawford may adopt – breaking down Spence and denying him the feeling of success, thus causing him to push harder and potentially make a misstep.

In his analysis, Porter likens Spence’s fighting style to an avalanche – an unstoppable force that gains momentum with each round. He suggested that Spence’s strength doesn’t necessarily increase during the fight; instead, it’s the sustained pressure and consistent wear-down of his opponents that give the illusion of increasing strength.

“It’s just the momentum that he builds round after round along with breaking down his opponents.”

For Shawn Porter, there’s an understanding that headlining a Pay-Per-View event in Las Vegas is a significant milestone for a prizefighter. He speaks from experience, painting a vivid picture of the excitement and anticipation that engulfs both fighters as they step onto the world stage.

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Porter concluded his interview with the prediction that the fight might warrant a rematch due to its closeness.

“I think it’s going to mean something, definitely if this fight goes the distance.”


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