Spence Vs. Crawford: Insights from Derrick James

06/14/2023 - No comments

In the world of boxing, where heated contests and fierce rivalries hold sway, there are few personalities as insightfully astute and impassioned as Derrick James. Recently, 210BoxingTV had the privilege of sitting down with the reigning and undisputed boxing trainer of 2022, as he comments on the Spence vs. Crawford showdown. Here’s what the enigmatic trainer had to say:

It’s Not Just a Fight, It’s a Showdown of Teams

Think Spence vs. Crawford is only about the boxers? James has a different perspective. The face-off, according to him, transcends the fighters, representing a grand stage for everyone involved to show their mettle. “Everybody has the opportunity to show improvement,” he stresses. A powerful statement that makes you wonder: Are we about to witness a contest of wits and strategies that goes beyond the two men in the ring?

One crucial factor playing into this fight is the long hiatus both fighters are coming off. However, James appears unconcerned. After all, both fighters are in the same boat. It invites a delicious question: Will the layoff play a decisive role in the match or will raw talent and resilience shine through regardless?

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Crawford: A Mighty Opponent with a Potential Flaw

James holds Crawford in high regard, touting him as “an amazing fighter” and “very athletic.” But, it’s Crawford’s unwavering self-belief that impresses him most. Intriguingly, he also views this attribute as a potential Achilles heel, suggesting that Crawford might believe in himself “too much.”

Spence and Crawford share a bond of mutual respect that, according to James, has always been present. It’s like a simmering fire, a quiet intensity that both fighters are saving for the actual fight. Could this respect lead to an extraordinary tactical battle in the ring?

When discussing the past Crawford vs. Porter fight, James plays it cool, stating he hasn’t analyzed it closely since he watched it live as a boxing fan. This leaves us speculating: Is there an underlying strategy in this seemingly casual approach? Or, is it a simple manifestation of James’ faith in Spence’s capabilities?

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Building an Army: The Winning Team

James isn’t just a boxing trainer; he’s a constructor of champions. His team’s recent addition, Ryan Garcia, a “hard-working guy” in his words, serves as a testament to his meticulous preparation and strategic planning.

Stepping back from his coaching role for a moment, James admits that if he were merely a boxing fan, he’d be enthralled by the Spence vs. Crawford fight. Yet, as Spence’s trainer, he remains focused on the task at hand, working diligently to help his boxer become the undisputed champ of the world.

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