Spence vs Crawford: George Kambosos Jr. Predicts A Draw

07/17/2023 - No comments

When it comes to the Crawford vs. Spence bout, boxing experts seem to have a hard time predicitng the fight. George Kambosos Jr., the Aussie fighter, also recently weighed in on this mega fight.

Speaking to Fight Hub TV, Kambosos said: “Honestly, it’s a tough one,” a note of uncertainty in his voice. “Spence has got a tight defense, and he’s strong. He’s an exceptional body puncher. But Crawford is an extraordinary switch hitter, he can hurt you from any position. Both fighters are excellent in their own right, which is why the fight is so good.”

Despite the appeal of both fighters, the Aussie professional hesitated to pick a winner. The chance to see two superb boxers go toe-to-toe is what draws fans to such fights, he explained. And with both fighters having shown some vulnerability in their past bouts, the outcome is far from certain.

“A lot can change over time. Crawford might be a bit older, but he’s also an absolute beast. As for Spence, his strength and skills are also not to be underestimated,” Kambosos continued.

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With July 22 and 29 earmarked as the big days, Kambosos is keen on getting to Vegas for the fight. As he points out, he’s not a new face to such high-stakes encounters. “Yes, I’m the entrĂ©e compared to that fight,” he quipped, “But I’ve been at that level not so long ago.”

In Kambosos’ view, a critical aspect of this fight could be the boxers’ mindset and dedication. “It’s that war of attrition. Who wants it that much more? Who’s going to put in the extra, not one percent but point one percent in the gym? That’s where it’s really going to make a difference,” he shared.

When asked where he’d place his bet, the Australian fighter playfully suggested a draw. As he sees it, Spence’s high work rate and Crawford’s counter-punching skills make it a balanced match. But the sport of boxing, he reminds us, is full of surprises. One thing he’s certain of, however, is that this fight will continue to elevate the sport.

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As Kambosos recounted his journey, he admitted to laying the groundwork for fellow Aussie boxers, proving that they too can make waves in the international boxing scene. Regardless of support from Australia, Kambosos remains proud of his achievements and continues to inspire others in his home country.

Reflecting on his stadium fight experience, Kambosos described it as an unforgettable spectacle. “Whenever you do a stadium fight, a mega fight of that scale, the atmosphere is amazing. I get goosebumps just thinking about it.” He fondly remembers walking out to a packed stadium, and he’s eager to recreate that experience, with potential contenders like Lomachenko and a rematch with Lopez in mind.

As he concluded, Kambosos expressed his desire for more fights like these in the boxing world. It’s the thrill of competition, the uncertainty of outcomes, and the sheer skill of the fighters that make boxing such an exhilarating sport for both athletes and fans.

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