Ashley Theophane Gives His Spence – Crawford, Canelo & Fury Prediction

07/21/2023 - No comments

In a recent interview with Fight Hype, Ashley Theophane, a veteran boxer who has sparred with the likes of Errol Spence, shed some light on the current boxing landscape, upcoming bouts, and the future stars of the sport.

When asked about the current run of boxing in 2023, Theophane voiced his enthusiasm:

“Boxing is on a great run this year. From Davis Garcia to Haney Lomachenko, and now, Spence Crawford, it’s been a riveting year for the sport.”

He adds, “And being in Las Vegas, a city that has become like my adopted home, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing these monumental fights firsthand.”

This year, boxing fans are spoilt for choice with a variety of bouts, featuring some of the biggest names in the industry.

Spence Vs. Crawford

One of the most highly anticipated fights this year is Spence vs. Crawford. When asked about his predictions, Theophane said:

“This is one of those fights where the outcome could go either way. But if I had to pick someone, I’d go with Spence. He’s just too good at what he does.”

He continues, “Whether it’s an accumulation of punches or a corner stoppage, it could go either way. But ultimately, I think Spence’s size gives him the advantage.”

Despite the ongoing debates about the timing of this fight, Theophane believes that both fighters are still in their prime and are ready to deliver an exceptional bout.

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Charlo Vs. Alvarez

As for the upcoming fight between Jamel Charlo and Canelo Alvarez, Theophane thinks it might be a steep climb for Charlo:

“Canelo is very powerful. I think for Charlo, it comes down to whether he can take his power. It’s about the power.”

Despite this, he doesn’t write off Charlo, acknowledging that Charlo has faced the best in his division and has the experience to potentially tip the scales in his favor.

Fury Vs.  Ngannou

When the conversation steered towards Fury , Theophane was straightforward in his prediction:

“Fury is just too good. I see this more as an exhibition fight—a fun fight. But in terms of boxing skills, Fury will just be too good, almost like Mayweather was for Conor McGregor.”

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