Shakur Stevenson Discusses Potential Fight with Vasily Lomachenko

08/08/2023 - No comments

Shakur Stevenson discussed the much-talked-about potential showdown with Vasily Lomachenko on Fight Hype:

“I honestly don’t see anybody getting in there with Lomachenko that would be like a big fight for them and to make the type of money he will make with me so I see us fighting and I see it being a hell of a fight, but I’m gonna put this out there early: I am not Devin.”

He continues to underline that he’s not taking anything away from other fighters, but feels confident about a fight with Lomachenko.

Respect for Lomachenko

Shakur reflects on the time when he sparred with Lomachenko at 19, remembering the mutual respect between them.

“It was great work…he definitely proved to me he was a hell of a fighter, and I definitely proved to him I was a hell of a fighter.”

He also praises Lomachenko’s elite level and asserts that the Ukrainian’s controversial losses shouldn’t overshadow his abilities.

“I think a lot of things that Fighters are missing at the high top level, which we’ve seen with Terence Crawford, is footwork. I think Lomachenko got great footwork still… you got to respect that man for the fighter that he is.”

Regarding Devin Haney

“Honestly, I thought Devin was going to outbox him easy but I was watching the fight, I’m like damn this dude Lomachenko still looks good, he still looks good, man.”

“It intrigues me; it turns me up… that makes me want to get up and run eight miles; it makes me want to go in the gym and put in Non-Stop work, so I can’t wait.”

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Shakur’s excitement about the potential fight is noticeable, and he feels prepared to show the world his current level.

When asked for a final message for Lomachenko, Stevenson keeps it simple and focused:

Nah, I don’t want to say too much. I say something he might not, you’re right let’s just you know come on let’s uh, I’m locked in man, I’m working, that’s uh, that’s what’s up.”

Friendship with Terence Crawford

Stevenson also touched on his relationship with Terence “Bud” Crawford and his joy in witnessing Crawford’s success.

“It brings me so much joy to see my brother succeed… when that fighting after seeing his hand raised, it just it felt like I won like it was a happy moment for me.”

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