Shakur Stevenson: “A lot of people underestimate his strength… but Bud is very strong”

10/04/2023 - No comments

In a revealing interview, Shakur Stevenson shares his thoughts on various boxing subjects, from his sparring experiences to the media’s treatment of fighters. Let’s dive into some notable comments from the respected boxer, highlighting key takeaways.

Shakur Stevenson on Facing Terrence “Bud” Crawford

“My first time sparring him I learned that the pros and the amateurs were two different things… he just showed me the difference between the pros and the amateurs.”

Stevenson talks about the challenges he faced as an amateur when sparring with Bud, emphasizing the significant difference in the approach and techniques between amateur and professional boxing.

Bud’s Interaction with the Media

“I think he’s different behind the scenes from what y’all see… fighter like Bud just seems like he’s fed up and he doesn’t like y’all.”

The boxer sheds light on how Bud’s reserved nature with the media is often misunderstood. But is this a case of the media misrepresenting fighters? Stevenson ponders this through rhetorical questions: Do they get the same version of Bud that close friends and family receive?

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 Crawford’s Strength in the Ring

“A lot of people underestimate his strength… but Bud is very strong. A lot of people don’t realize how strong he is as a fighter.”

Stevenson gives credit where it’s due, praising Bud’s impressive strength and impact in the ring.

 Stevenson’s Perspective on the Media

“My view of the media? I think y’all [are] full of it too. But I really don’t care… the only thing that does bother me is spreading false lies.”

Stevenson speaks candidly about his grievances with the media. Does he have a point, given that sometimes sensational headlines overshadow the athlete’s actual story?

Views on Upcoming Fighters Shakur doesn’t shy away from praising the next generation of fighters. Commenting on the potential of fighters like Curmel Moton, Stevenson remarks:

“I think he [Molton] is the truth… he’s a great fighter…”

Final Thoughts and Advice As the interview wraps up, Stevenson reflects on his journey, offers advice to up-and-coming fighters, and shares his anticipation for future fights. He underscores the importance of staying focused, learning continuously, and, most importantly, trusting the process:

“The only advice I’d give [to young fighters] is to stay focused, keep doing what they’re doing, and always keep their mentors close.”

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