Seniesa Estrada ready for Yudica this Friday LIVE on ESPN

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The boxing world has its eyes set on Vegas this weekend, and all eyes on Friday are on the Super Bad herself, Seniesa Estrada. With a headliner fight in Florida on her slate, an upcoming battle with Leonela Paola Yudica this Friday, and a potential undisputed title bout against Yokasta Valle on her radar, Estrada has her hands full. Here’s an exclusive look at what Estrada shared with Boxing News in a recent interview:

“There’s been so many great headlines,” Estrada shares. She’s a testament to the fact that she’s not just riding this wave; she’s one of the athletes spearheading it.

Estrada concedes that there were moments along her journey when she wondered if her time in the spotlight would ever arrive. “I started boxing when I was eight years old. More than half of my life, I’ve been in this,” she muses, hinting at the doubts that occasionally plagued her.

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Up Next: The Yudica Fight

Looking ahead to her bout with Yudica, Estrada is quick to acknowledge her opponent’s strength. “She’s a tough fighter…she’s going to be in the best shape she’s ever been in,” Estrada warns, underlining her refusal to underestimate Yudica.

Yet, the reigning champ radiates confidence, stating, “I have the right game plan…I’m just physically and mentally prepared for this fight.” But she isn’t just aiming for victory—she’s looking for a decisive win. “I’m definitely looking for the finish for sure. I don’t want it to go 10 rounds.”

Beyond her upcoming fight with Yudica, Estrada has her sights set on an undisputed title showdown with Yokasta Valle. She claims it’s “the only fight to make next,” but reveals why it hasn’t happened yet: “Her team and Golden Boy Promotions didn’t want to take the fight yet.”

That said, Estrada’s dreams are grander. Her endgame? “To be Undisputed at three different weight divisions.”

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Estrada’s Take on Recent Fights

Estrada lauded Inoue’s recent triumph, saying, “He’s a tremendous fighter and the way he’s winning fights is just incredible.”

As for the much-hyped Spence-Crawford bout, she offered her strategic insight: “If Crawford can box and move and use his angles throughout the fight, I feel like he will come out with the victory.”

On the potential Katie Taylor-Chantal Cameron rematch, Estrada presented a measured view. While she admired Taylor’s fighting spirit, she also recognized Cameron’s upper hand in their last encounter. “I would expect Katie to make adjustments. She’s definitely smart enough and experienced enough to do so.”

Addressing the recent Ryan Garcia-Oscar De La Hoya fallout, Estrada diplomatically chose to keep her thoughts to herself, saying, “I’d rather not comment on that.”

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