Sebastian Fundora – Tim Tszyu Fight Results

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Sebastian Fundora edged out a razor-thin victory over the untouched Tim Tszyu, seizing the WBC and WBO 154-Pound World Championships in a high-stakes showdown at the T-Mobile Arena, lit up by the first-ever PBC event streamed on Prime Video. While one judge leaned towards Tszyu with 116-112, the tide turned with 116-112 and 115-113 favoring Fundora.

Eyes ablaze with victory, Fundora acknowledged Tszyu’s role in his dream turned reality. The initial rounds saw Tszyu dominating, his right hands finding their mark until a stray elbow from Fundora in the second round left him with a severe cut, muddying his sight with blood. Tszyu, unfazed, declared his resilience, attributing the night to Fundora’s triumph despite the unforeseen hurdle.

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Blinded but unbowed, Tszyu faced Fundora’s relentless jabs, the latter using his reach to his advantage, especially with left-hand blows from his southpaw stance. Fundora, battling a bleeding nose from the second round, emphasized his tactical approach in the ring.

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Fundora’s jabbing precision outmatched Tszyu’s, with stats showing a significant lead in punches thrown and landed, though Tszyu boasted a formidable connect rate and a slight edge in power punches. Despite this, Fundora remained unshaken.

Tszyu, ever the warrior, vowed to remain in the fight, ready for any challenger. Fundora hailed Tszyu’s championship mettle, cherishing the shared ring and the history forged together. The fight also marked Fundora’s ascent to champion status, joining his sister Gabriela in their family’s legacy of boxing excellence.

The night buzzed with anticipation as Errol Spence Jr. threw down the challenge to Fundora, aiming to test the new champion’s mettle against his own. Spence, eyeing Fundora’s towering presence, promised a showdown that would dissect the new champion’s defenses.

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