Samuel Peter Targets Fury – “I’m ready for Tyson!”

06/19/2023 - No comments

“Tyson Fury goes down easily if he gets hit with a clear Samuel Peter’s shot”

Walking into the Top Rank boxing gym, the sight of Samuel Peter intensely training is something to behold. He isn’t just casually visiting; his commitment suggests a comeback could be on the cards.

Peter, who last fought in 2018, spoke to the Mayweather Channel:  “I’m just keeping fit. If anything comes up, I’ll take it.”

“What does Samuel Peter think of the reigning boxing superstars?”  Well, Peter doesn’t shy away from expressing his thoughts on the matter.

He acknowledged that current champions like Usyk and Fury were “doing good.” However, his eyes seemed to spark when he mentioned Fury. He confessed, “I’m still waiting for a chance to be facing Fury. I’m ready for Tyson.”

But it isn’t as easy as walking into the ring. Peter understands the need to face other boxers first to secure his shot at Fury.

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When asked about other contenders like Joe Joyce or Michael Hunter, Peter revealed his laser-focused vision. “I see myself facing Fury. I am a champion,” he stated, “I have my eyes on Fury.” His determination is unwavering, to say the least.

Samuel Peter’s Readiness and Potential Challenges

But is Peter ready for such a challenge? He believes so. “I’m ready to go. If anything comes up, I’m in,” he confirmed.

Yet, one might wonder, “What does Peter think about his chances against a huge fighter like Tyson Fury?”

The ex-champion seemed confident in his power, asserting, “He goes down easily if he gets hit with a clear Samuel Peter’s shot.”

This confidence extends even to smaller opponents like Usyk, where Peter believes the fight would only be worth it if Usyk “has something” to offer.

Interestingly, Peter’s perspective on the title of the heavyweight champion is quite singular. He noted, “Usyk is a champion, but he’s not a heavyweight champion of the world.” He places significance on the WBC title, implying his ultimate goal is to claim this prestigious belt.

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But how does he plan to secure that shot? His strategy is straightforward and rests on his reputation. “They know where the power comes from. They want exciting fighters, not ‘touch and run’. They want fighters who throw fire, like me,” he remarked.

Comparing today’s boxers to his era, Peter admitted they are good but lack the drive, power, and excitement he brought to the ring as a champion. “They don’t have that excitement like I gave to the world when I was a champion,” he reflected.

As we wrap up, the burning question remains: “Who’s next?”

For Samuel Peter, the answer is clear: Tyson Fury. The fire in his eyes is undeniable, and his readiness palpable.

“Who’s next is Tyson Fury.”

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