Sam Maxwell On Smith’s Team Overlooking Him Ahead Of Clash

06/29/2023 - No comments

In a recent interview with IFL TV, Sam Maxwell, an accomplished British boxer, set the stage for what he believes will be the most significant fight of his career.

“Really enjoying this fight week here,” Maxwell said. “It’s the biggest one of my career I’d say, busiest and uh yeah, enjoying it.”

It’s the fighter’s resilience and determination that come to the forefront in these moments. And this time, it was no different. The fight under the spotlight is the culmination of a two-fight deal with Matchroom, which Sam described as slightly delayed but well worth the wait.

“Definitely ready for Fight Night on Saturday. I’ve had so much time to prepare for this fight. It’s my longest Camp ever, and everything’s gone perfect,” Maxwell disclosed.

This preparation wasn’t just physical. Sam has had a mental transition too, emerging stronger and more focused following a defeat and a change in his training routine.

“I needed that fight and a new coach, new gym. It was great to get the rounds in and I really enjoyed that fight. I don’t know whether you could see it and watching it but I’ve mostly enjoyed boxing in a long time,” Maxwell admitted.

Isn’t it inspiring to see how a single fight can be a game-changer, not only in the ring but also in the psyche of a boxer? This newfound joy in the sport, Maxwell says, is palpable.

“It’s the most I’ve enjoyed boxing in my whole career. Every session was a grind, but now I’m enjoying every second. You can feel it oozing from me,” he said.

In the face of this positive transition, Maxwell has his eyes on the prize, his opponent: Dalton Smith, a promising talent, who Maxwell remembers as a “sharp, sharp kid” from their sparring days. But is the hype around Smith causing his team to underestimate Maxwell?

“Definitely. His whole team, the aura, they’re just looking through me, expecting to walk over me. But they shouldn’t underestimate me,” warned Maxwell.

This, of course, makes us ponder, aren’t we all guilty at times of overlooking the underdog, only to be taken by surprise when they rise to the occasion?

“They’re definitely looking past me, and they’re picking looking at next fights and venues and not even thinking about me,” Maxwell stated with a note of defiance.

This defiance takes a concrete form in Maxwell’s fight strategy. Without revealing his game plan, Maxwell makes it clear that he’s got his sights set on exploiting Smith’s weaknesses.

“We’ve worked on a great game plan. I stick to that plan, I know I can get the win,” Maxwell asserted confidently.

In wrapping up his conversation with IFL TV, Maxwell made his bold prediction for the upcoming fight:

“I’ll win 100%. By any means necessary. I’d love to get that knockout,” he declared.

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