Ryan Garcia Threatens Eddie Hearn: The Drama King Strikes Again

By Tim Smith - 05/16/2024 - No comments

Just when you thought boxing couldn’t get more like a bloomin’ circus, Ryan Garcia goes and makes it a full-on comedy show. He’s fed up with Eddie Hearn, the grand poobah of blabber at Matchroom Boxing, and he’s not shy about his plans to rearrange Hearn’s mug if he gets a chance. Picture this: Ryan storming up to Eddie, fist ready, all because Eddie’s acting the big man after Devin Haney’s stumble last April.

Now, Eddie, he’s got his knickers in a twist, claiming our boy Ryan should be chucked out of boxing for life if he’s been messing around with PEDs. That’s rich, coming from him, ain’t it? Nothing like a sore loser branding about bans to hide the sting of a loss.

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Eddie ain’t content with just moaning about bans. No, he wants to turn Haney’s loss into a win by moaning to the New York Commission. Haney’s solicitor is all in, paper in hand, begging for Ryan’s win to be wiped off the records.

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Ryan’s having none of it. His take? “I don’t like him. I don’t like him at all. If I see him, I’m going to punch him in the face.” Straight to the point, our Ryan. He even declared on Charlie Parsons’ YouTube channel that Eddie’s face-punching appointment might be sooner than we think. And why not? It’s not like Eddie’s making any friends with his whinging.

Ryan finds the whole saga laughable, especially Haney’s sad attempt to nick a win from the jaws of defeat. “How can you get a victory after you lost? That makes no sense,” Ryan scoffs. And he’s right! Haney seems to think the ring’s a playground where if you cry hard enough, you get a redo.

As for Hearn’s fantasy of ever promoting Ryan? Dream on, Eddie. Ryan’s made it crystal clear that he wouldn’t touch that with a barge pole.

In the end, if Hearn doesn’t fancy a new facial arrangement courtesy of Ryan’s left hook, he’d do well to stick to his promoter job and keep out of Ryan’s way. Otherwise, he might just get that up-close meeting with Ryan’s fist he’s been dodging. What a circus, fellas! What a circus!

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