Roy Jones Jr: “Terence Crawford was fascinating”

07/31/2023 - No comments

Roy Jones Jr speaks to Boxing News’ Andi Purewal as he reacts to Terence Crawford’s stunning stoppage win vs Errol Spence Jr and his split with Chris Eubank Jr.

When asked about his impressions of the recent fight, Jones expressed admiration for Terence Crawford, describing his performance as “awesome” and “fascinating.”

“It was fascinating. Terence Crawford showcased himself as the undisputed top pound-for-pound fighter globally. The only barrier to this title was a worthy opponent, which he didn’t have until now. Fury was reigning because he had Wilder. Crawford didn’t have his Wilder until he beat Spence, solidifying his position at the top,” Jones revealed.

According to Jones, the public acknowledgment of Crawford’s skills came late, mostly due to a lack of formidable opponents. He compared this to his own experience, citing how he had James Turner as a significant opponent early in his career, while Crawford had to wait until he was 35.

He added, “This is a defining moment for Crawford. While insiders knew of his talent, this match has heralded him as a two-way undisputed champion. However, this recognition might have taken longer than it should have.”

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“Everyone’s eyes are on him. There are some guys in the lower weight classes, some in the higher ones, all wanting to be the man. To be the man, they need to defeat the man.”

When asked if any welterweight could defeat Crawford, Jones stayed non-committal, stating, “Right now, Crawford is at his peak. There’s Boots Ennis, who would be a worthy contender, and another talked-about prospect overseas. Yet, they should first compete against each other in the US to determine who’s the best among them.”

Jones was impressed by Crawford’s performance but was not surprised by Spence’s seemingly fragile state. “I was not surprised because I was the person who said a couple of weeks back that if you get thrown out of a car going over 120 miles per hour, you’re going to have some repercussions,” he explained.

Jones commended Spence’s fighting spirit but added that Crawford’s larger toolbox of skills proved superior. He cited his experience as a commentator and former boxer in seeing Crawford’s ability to adapt and change his fighting style mid-fight, a quality he had not seen in Spence.

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Looking ahead, Jones had advice for Spence, who has been battling personal and professional issues in recent times. While some suggest Spence should retire, Jones believes a change in weight class might be the answer. “154 if he can get a rematch at 154, I think he probably would be okay to do that,” Jones offered.

He praised Spence’s resilient spirit, stating, “He has the heart of a champion.” Despite the recent setback, Jones is confident that Spence will continue to fight.

On the rumors of a Crawford-Charlo figh, Jones was skeptical, “How can we have Charlo vs. Crawford when Charlo has to face Canelo first? We need to let things play out. He shouldn’t have even been at the match last night. He has bigger fish to fry first.”

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