Roy Jones Jr: “Anthony Joshua ‘did not get back to me’ about training offer”

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Roy Jones Jr: Anthony Joshua ‘did not get back to me’ about training offer, New coach Derrick James can make him ‘dangerous’ again, why AJ needs to be ‘smart’

“We had had a couple of conversations about him coming to Brighton to trial me with, to see if we had any chemistry but we did not get to that stage, he did not come to Brighton.

“He went to the United States and met with Derrick James first before we had a chance to get together.

“I feel if you have the chemistry and the right connection there’s no point in going back and forth, trying out different trainers.

“I texted him a message as I heard he’d been in America with James and just said maybe it’s good to stick with James if there’s chemistry as I do not want to make it harder for you to make a decision, going back and forth.

“He did not get back to me but I wish him all the best.”

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“Derrick James is a great trainer, he’s doing great things with Errol Spence, he’s achieving more than people ever thought he would, so I think James will be a great trainer, that’s why I told him if the chemistry is good he should stick with it.

“I think James is the right man for the job and can help Joshua with his confidence and his game.

“The way that Spence fights with the pressure, I think he will be a great teacher for Joshua because he does need to learn how to apply the pressure, he’s most dangerous when he applies that pressure.

“That’s why I think it will be the right fit. If I knew he was considering James in the beginning I would have told him straight away James will be a good fit.”

“There’s no disappointment on my side, I want him happy not me. If he’s found someone to be comfortable with, I’m happy for him.

“As for AJ training in the States and fighting in the UK, it can be done if you’re smart about it.”

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