Robert Garcia talks Inoue vs Fulton & Spence v Crawford

07/27/2023 - No comments

Robert Garcia spoke to 210BoxingTv today. Garcia commended Naoya “Monster” Inoue’s unstoppable performance, stating:

“Nobody’s going to be able to hang in there no matter who’s going in front of him. That’s what happened to Fulton. He’s very talented, fast, but in the ring against Inoue, he just looked worried. Trying to avoid getting hit with those hard punches.”

Inoue’s dominance in the ring is apparent, with Garcia acknowledging the skill and strength of the Japanese boxer. The boxing coach adds:

“It’s going to be hard to see somebody really give Inoue a fight. Maybe when we see him move up in weight closer to Junior Lightweight, we’ll see more challenges. Right now, I don’t think anybody at 122 is going to have a chance against him.”

Fulton’s Valiant Effort

Garcia showed admiration for Fulton’s bravery, albeit the fight ended in Inoue’s favor. He speculated that the psychological aspect played a significant role:

“I’ve seen Fulton, he’s very talented. But going in there against somebody that everybody’s talking about as being so good and so strong – you’re going to be worried. Fulton was probably a little too worried.”

Even though Fulton didn’t win, Garcia saw his choice to face Inoue as a calculated risk, with a significant payout.

“Fulton got paid more than he’s ever made before in his whole career. So, he took it.”

Spence vs. Crawford

Garcia also shared his thoughts on the highly anticipated match between Spence Jr and Terence Crawford. He said:

“This fight is the fight that we all want to see. It’s a 50-55. I lean towards Crawford, but I don’t even know why because there’s no reason. I’ve seen him develop since he was young. That’s probably why I’m picking him.”

Nevertheless, he acknowledges Spence’s abilities and suggests the match might not be one-sided due to the boxers’ skill sets.

“Spence might be the one that gets a lot bigger in gains a few more pounds than Crawford. But they’re both very talented. I don’t think that’s going to make a big difference. I think it’s going to be such a good fight that we’re all gonna enjoy.”

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