Robert Garcia: “Anthony Joshua needs a stricter camp”

12/27/2022 - No comments

Robert Garcia thinks that Anthony Joshua is a natural-born athlete, and because of that, many things in pro boxing came easy for him, but there are times when you have to increase your level of commitment to training.

“He is a complete athlete”, Robert Garcia told IZQUIERDAZO about Anthony Joshua’s career. “He started to box at 18 years old, and three years later, he was an olympic gold medalist. That is something big, without having that much amateur experience. And then turned pro, and a couple of years later was a world champion. That proves that he is a natural-born athlete. He is an athlete that accomplished so much that he didn’t need to be strict in his commitment in the gym, in his training regime, in the election of a coach”.

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Anthony Joshua won an Olympic gold medal in 2012, turned pro the following year, and in 2016, in just his 16th fight, became the IBF heavyweight world champion. In 2017, won the WBA belt by stopping Wladimir Klitschko.

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“Everything was a little bit easier for him than for any other boxer”, Garcia said. “So that was something he got used to”.

But according to Robert Garcia, that doesn’t mean that AJ is a lazy fighter.

“He is not a fighter that dislikes to train”, Garcia clarifies. “He is an athlete, he keeps himself in good condition, in good shape. He is an athlete, he is not a lazy fighter”.

In Garcia’s opinion, there is a certain level of fights and opponents that requires another level of commitment to training.

“Because everything was kind of easy and quick for him, he thought that that was the right way to do it. That he didn’t need to do it in another way”, Garcia explained. “But when the time comes for this kind of fights (like Usyk), with fighters of a higher level, tougher fights, harder fights, you need a stricter camp, where he follows indications. He is a dedicated fighter, he does and listens to what he is told to, but maybe he thinks that he was a champion without doing that much or without having that much commitment. But when you are fighting against opponents like Usyk, that is something different”.

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