Who Won? Richardson Hitchins – Zepeda Fight Results

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In a bout that left the audience at Caribe Royale longing for more thrill, Richardson Hitchins (17-0, 7 KOs) emerged victorious against Jose Zepeda (37-4,28 KOs), securing a twelve-round unanimous decision this Saturday night in Orlando, Florida. With a strategy rooted in caution and precision, Hitchins dominated the arena utilizing extensive movement, sharp jabs, and decisive right hands, overshadowing a seemingly reluctant 34-year-old Zepeda and maintaining control throughout each round. The final scores reflected Hitchins’ dominating presence, with two judges scoring it 120-108 and one 119-109 in his favor.

Eddie Hearn, the promoter from Matchroom Boxing, had been vocal throughout the week about Hitchins being a prospective superstar in the boxing scene. However, after witnessing Hitchins’ conservative and calculated approach during the fight, there might be a reconsideration of such lofty projections. The crowd found Hitchins’ performance less than exhilarating, as he consistently chose to clinch Zepeda whenever the distance closed between them. The fans in attendance would likely have appreciated a more engaging battle, with Hitchins confronting Zepeda up close rather than opting to maintain distance or engage in clinches.

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This match saw Hitchins playing it safe, avoiding risks and ensuring his movements and attacks were meticulously calculated. The evening could have potentially offered more to the spectators had there been a willingness from Hitchins to engage more openly and aggressively with Zepeda, bringing the excitement to the forefront, and living up to the anticipations of a thrilling encounter.

Conor Benn Seals Victory in Orlando, McCaskill & Ryan Clash Ends in Controversy

Conor Benn won after 10 rounds in his fight against tough Rodolfo Orozco in Orlando, Florida, broadcast LIVE on DAZN.

Demonstrating negligible signs of inactivity, Benn (22-0 14 KOs) stepped into the ring after a hiatus since April 2022 and delivered powerful punches to Orozco from the get-go, destabilizing the Mexican’s stance in the third round.

Orozco (32-4-3 24 KOs) managed to withstand the relentless onslaught and more over the ten rounds, displaying the characteristic resilience of Mexican fighters. He provided a significant assessment of Benn’s stamina and defense capability, with Benn conquering the challenge impressively, reflected by scorecards indicating 99-91 twice and 96-94. Benn found satisfaction in the outcomes, especially after overcoming strenuous challenges outside the ring over the previous year.

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“I wasn’t looking for an easy fight,” Benn commented. “Having been out for 18 months, I needed the rounds. He’s a true Mexican and the first I’ve fought. We were aware of his durability. Kudos to him; he’s never been defeated before. He’s truly resilient, and I wish him further success.”

“Their strength and ability to take shots are exceptional. I don’t perceive any inactivity lag; I was shifting through the gears after enduring significant hardships.”

“Britain is my home, and it’s only appropriate that I fight there again, preferably soon.”

Earlier, controversy unfolded as Sandy Ryan’s welterweight division unification confrontation with Jessica McCaskill from Chicago concluded in a split draw, leaving the judges divided with 97-93 in favor of McCaskill, 96-94 in favor of Ryan, and 95-95. Both contenders believed they had showcased enough skill and determination to secure the win and demanded an immediate rematch to settle the dispute.


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