Regis Prograis on Teofimo Lopez: “Mentally, He’s Just Not There”

06/05/2023 - No comments

FightHype’s Hans Themistode recently caught up with jr. welterweight champion Regis Prograis.  Prograis raised concerns about Teofimo Lopez’s mental readiness for his upcoming fight. “Mentally, I don’t think he’s ready bro,” Prograis

Prograis pointed out that Teofimo seems to be undergoing personal struggles which could very well compromise his mental fortitude – a key element in any sport, especially boxing.

In Prograis’s view, Teofimo’s mental state is not merely vulnerable but fundamentally fractured, which puts him in a precarious position for his bout with Josh Taylor.

“Teofimo’s been saying certain stuff and it’s just like…you know, it sounds a little weird,” Prograis noted. He referenced the recent controversial statements made by Teofimo, including that he wants to “take Josh Taylor’s life,” which has led many to question Teofimo’s mental readiness for the fight.

A Hard Knock for Teofimo’s Boxing Skills

Prograis also discussed Teofimo’s boxing abilities, expressing that while the latter has always been skillful, he seems to have lost his edge recently.

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“He’s one of those people that was very skillful at first…but then once you take that away, then what does he have left?” Prograis questioned. He suggested that recent fights have shown that Teofimo’s skills could be challenged, indicating that he may not be as indomitable as once thought.

Looking at the other side of the ring, Prograis expressed confidence in Taylor’s ability to overcome Teofimo. “I think mentally, Josh is just gonna break his spirit, bro. He’s really gonna break him,” Prograis remarked, stressing the potential psychological advantage Taylor may have over Teofimo.

Predictions for the Bout

While he wasn’t sure if Taylor would secure a stoppage, Prograis did believe the fight will not go past six to eight rounds. “Maybe he does get a stoppage, bro,” Prograis mused.

However, Prograis was certain about one thing: “I don’t see how Teofimo can beat Josh at all…I just don’t see him beating him. I think Josh is probably gonna dog walk him.”

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Prograis’ comments indicate a belief that the fight will lean heavily in Taylor’s favor, with Teofimo’s mental and physical readiness under significant scrutiny.

The interview ended with a clear understanding of Prograis’ perspective on the upcoming fight. In his view, Taylor’s mental edge and solid boxing skills will prove too much for Teofimo, whose recent struggles both inside and outside the ring may contribute to his downfall.


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