Regis Prograis: “It wasn’t a good performance.” 

06/18/2023 - No comments

Regis Prograis admitted in a post fight interview with Fight Hub TV, “I can even admit to myself… it wasn’t a good performance.”

The interview began with a congratulatory note on his recent win and probed further into his fight performance. A notable topic was the unexpected knockdown in the third round. But what does Prograis think about it?

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Prograis voiced his struggles and insecurities, mainly the burdens of a “hometown fight.” He confessed, “I felt like the hometown fight, they are the worst.” But why would a home ground bring such anxiety?

In his candid confession, Prograis unfolded the reality of the so-called “hometown jitters.” He detailed, “Everybody you ever know is like ‘him,’ dealing with tickets and dealing with so many different things…” Isn’t it intriguing how the cheers from familiar faces can often become a source of stress?

“Zorrilla didn’t want to engage that much,” revealed Prograis, describing his opponent’s defensive strategy. He mentioned, “I was chasing him for 12 rounds,” indicating a surprising change in the dynamics of the bout. However, was this ‘run around’ tactic an unexpected move for Prograis?

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“Yes,” Prograis affirmed, showing his surprise at his opponent’s lack of engagement. This lack of aggression, especially after the third-round knockdown, compounded Prograis’ “hometown jitters.” Do these factors explain the overall result of the fight?

Scoring and Evaluation

On being questioned about the scorecards, Prograis stated, “I don’t think it was close,” expressing his conviction of his victory. However, he wasn’t entirely pleased, admitting, “I know my performance definitely wasn’t good.”

The interview delved into the future of Prograis’ career, with the possibility of more hometown fights. Prograis revealed, “We gotta talk about that with Matchroom. It all depends.” He did hint that he might “go on the road” before returning to his hometown for a fight.

While being self-critical of his performance, Prograis was firm that he wouldn’t blame the inadequate training camp for the fight’s outcome, “I trained… we had to switch up opponents but… that’s never going to be an excuse for me.”

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Wrapping up the interview, Prograis stated the battle was challenging mainly due to his opponent’s avoidance strategy. However, Prograis is now looking ahead, ready to refine his techniques and performance.

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