Taylor and Teofimo Trade Verbal Blows @ Press Conference

06/08/2023 - No comments

In the build-up to the highly anticipated match-up in New York City, boxing stars Josh Taylor and Teofimo Lopez didn’t shy away from expressing their confidence and intentions at the recent press conference at Madison Square Garden.

The reigning defending ring lineal WBO Junior welterweight champion, Josh Taylor, demonstrated a blend of excitement and determination as he discussed the upcoming fight. “Yeah, I’m excited to be here… being involved in a big fight in the main event like this, doing Empire State Building and stuff like that, yeah it’s been cool,” the Scottish star said. Taylor arrived early in New York, getting acclimatized and preparing diligently for the high-stakes bout. He’s been in the city for about “10 days now, 10-12 days now,” he said.

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When asked about the verbal sparring and perceived hostility between him and Lopez, Taylor confirmed its genuineness. “No, I think it’s a little bit genuine…I mean what I say as well…he’s been disrespectful so, yeah, and a lot of words he said, I’m going to make him pay for it on Saturday.” In terms of the fight’s outcome, Taylor didn’t hesitate: “Josh Taylor win, that’s all, possibly by KO, nice and early as well.”

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On the other side, former lightweight king Teofimo Lopez remained equally vocal and committed to his cause. Known for his outspokenness, Lopez made it clear, “It’s what it is man, I speak my truth, and that’s how I feel…everything that I speak out, you know, I’m just trying to make it into existence.”

Lopez emphasized the significance of this fight in his career. “Oh, it means everything. I mean what is the Takeover if he doesn’t take over the guys that are the Kingpin of the division, right? So when it comes to Josh Taylor Junior welterweight, he is the guy and that’s the guy that you got to beat to be the greatest, right?”

“I’m there, heck yeah, man, I’m excited about this…this is like a dream come true turning into reality,” he added, embodying confidence and eager anticipation for the fight. The young champion stirred controversy with his comments on facing death, stating, “Everybody’s scared of death, I don’t know why we all gonna die, but at least if I die I’m dying for something that means something that’s going to last forever, it’s what Great’s all about.”

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With the pre-fight tension mounting and their words set, both fighters are ready to let their fists do the talking in Madison Square Garden. As the world watches, the stage is set for a memorable clash of the titans, promising a night of intense action and likely, boxing history.

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