Oscar Valdez On Training With Canelo: “I do see a better Canelo”

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Oscar Valdez speaks to Boxing News’ Andi Purewal about Canelo Alvarez:

Oscar Valdez, a close friend of Canelo Alvarez, sheds light on the noticeable changes in Canelo’s training routine ahead of his fight against Charlo.

“he’s not golfing so much anymore… I do see a better Canelo he’s gonna he’s gonna come strong he’s very focused.”

Valdez admires Canelo’s mental fortitude, which he believes sets him apart from other fighters.

“out of everything that I know about Canelo… the one thing that I admire the most about him is his mindset it’s mindset is at another level.”

He further explains:

“To Be A Champion you also got to believe it in your mind you call it the Law of Attraction… Canelo is a perfect example.”

This deep belief in oneself is inspiring and something that Valdez feels all fighters could learn from.

Dismissing Canelo’s Decline

Despite the skepticism surrounding Canelo’s potential decline, Valdez firmly negates this, attributing any perceived setbacks to specific circumstances rather than a general decline in performance.

“I don’t think he’s a decline I think it pays more attention to a call that’s the reason why we’ve seen a little bit but if you put some effort in you you’ll be back up there no problem.”

In response to Canelo’s last performance:

“people are thinking that it’s downfall because of his age I act more that he was trying to knock out his opponent in front of his crowd a lot of distractions and he didn’t look his best because he was trying too hard.”

Valdez underlines that the last performance doesn’t define Canelo’s capability.

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The Phenomenon of Canelo’s Training

Canelo’s training routine is something that never ceases to amaze Valdez.

“if you look at kind of at the gym if you want to be here the gym you would be surprised of how he trains how he spars how he works it’s pretty amazing.”

Valdez believes that Canelo’s self-care and determination defy any imminent decline in his boxing prowess.

Canelo is a fighter who has accomplished a lot in the boxing arena. Valdez, while not a trainer, feels strongly about Canelo’s capabilities:

“he’s done it all in boxing if he retires now he’s done he did everything in boxing.”

The emphasis on mental strength, focused training, and unwavering dedication paint a picture of a fighter far from done.

This insightful interview with Oscar Valdez not only provides an inside look into Canelo’s training and mindset but also underscores the determination and mental strength that set him apart as a champion.

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“Canelo’s role taking for he takes care of his body so very focused he knows what he wants and I don’t see a decline yet.”

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