One-On-One: The Errol Spence Jr. Interview

07/29/2023 - No comments

Errol Spence Jr was interviewed by Radio Rahim of Seconds Out  after the final press conference of Errol Spence Jr vs Terence Crawford at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas:

At the center of the conversation, the boxer’s relationship with his young son, Errol Spence III, stood out. When asked about what legacy he wishes to impart, Spence’s response was candid, heartfelt, and showcased a man who deeply values his role as a father.

“I just want [him] to remember that [I’m] always there,” Spence said. “I try to be a great dad, I try to lead [him] by example. Of course, you’re gonna have some bumps on the heads, but I want to show him that you can do the right thing, you can be better, you can be a great father and still handle your business.”.

“I had him all during training camp and he’s been with me all through training camp. I’ve been feeding him, bathing him, changing diapers…so when he gets older, he can show his family or his friends…I was right there,” Spence explained.

 The Big Fight

The conversation soon shifted gears to the upcoming fight against Terence Crawford. The build-up has been respectful for the most part, but the air recently became hot. When asked about Crawford’s statement that he “does everything better,” Spence didn’t hesitate to express his confidence.

“The only thing he does better than me is he moves around the ring better than me, and he switches. That’s basically it. But, fundamental wise, conditioning wise, durability wise, chin-wise – all that, I do better than him.”

Making Weight and Facing Challenges

One of the unavoidable aspects of boxing is weight cutting, a demanding process that tests a boxer’s discipline and dedication.

“[Weight cut] is just part of life, man,” Spence shared. “If you had won the coin toss, what would you have picked? I don’t know, it was a fifth wheel. Do you remember when you first came? What happened out there?”

Despite the complexities and demands, Spence seems to take it all in stride, indicating the maturity and composure he brings to the ring.

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The Psychological Aspect of Boxing

Spence also touched on the mental warfare that occurs outside the ring, a critical aspect of boxing that can potentially unsettle the steadiest of fighters. He maintained his calm demeanor even when prodded about potential out-of-line comments.

“Unless somebody’s coming at me, I just stay my normal self and just watch them. But if somebody says something to me or my family, then I might get out of line. But other than that, it’s not too much stuff they’re going to do.”

His composed attitude shows a fighter who knows how to pick his battles, not just in the ring but also outside of it.

Lastly, when asked about his preparedness for the upcoming fight, Spence credited his resilience and readiness not to his training but to his family.

“My mother and father prepared me for this moment. They instilled in me resilience, and just to be smart. It doesn’t matter anything that happens, any circumstances that happen, just make sure that you stay the course.”

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