Nonito Donaire: The Ageless Champion

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In an interview with Seconds Out, Nonito Donaire, known as “The Filipino Flash,” shared his experiences, future plans, and insights on his upcoming fight on the Spence Crawford bill..

“The thing is if you stop where you’re at, you ain’t never gonna grow. So you got to keep pushing, you got to keep getting better.”

“I don’t think about the past. I think about what’s happening now, and what I plan to do.”

Donaire credits much of his success to staying in the present and not dwelling on past victories or failures. This allows him to focus on the task at hand – a strategy that seems to be working exceptionally well for him. He playfully notes his ability to “spank young men,” a nod to his longevity in a sport commonly dominated by the young.

The Pursuit of the Undisputed

“My biggest thing is becoming Undisputed because that gives me a lot of purpose.”

Despite his numerous accomplishments, Donaire isn’t slowing down. His goal? To become Undisputed in his weight division.

“I think just putting the pressure with performing. If I don’t perform enough, that’s done for me. So for me, I gotta really perform.”

At an age where most fighters would consider hanging up their gloves, Donaire believes that pressure to perform is what keeps him in the ring. His own high standards drive him, turning pressure into fuel for success.

“Oh yeah, you’re gonna see it. You’re gonna see a different person.”

Donaire subtly suggests that he’s taken key learnings from his past bouts. He assures fans that they’re going to see a different version of him in the upcoming fights, a testament to his resilience and adaptability.

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Knowing When to Exit

“I love entertainment, it could be at any moment, any time.”

Despite his passion for boxing, Donaire acknowledges the inevitability of retirement. Yet, his love for entertainment suggests a potential segue into another public role when he finally decides to hang up the gloves.

In the world of boxing, Nonito Donaire’s reputation is legendary. His career, characterized by growth, resilience, and a relentless pursuit of greatness, serves as an inspiration for upcoming boxers and sports enthusiasts alike.

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