Navarrete ready for Berinchyk this Saturday live on ESPN+

By Tim Smith - 05/15/2024 - No comments

Oh, the woes of Emanuel Navarrete, pondering whether to grace the lightweight division with his presence permanently after his upcoming tussle this Saturday against the undefeated Denys Berinchyk at the Pechanga Arena in San Diego. Broadcast for your viewing pleasure on ESPN, this fight promises to showcase Navarrete’s existential weight class crisis.

Lucky for Navarrete, he’s got a backup plan, cozying up with his super featherweight title just in case his adventure into the lightweight realm flops spectacularly. Considering his last performance—a highly debated draw at 130 pounds where more than a few thought he should’ve taken the L—it’s no wonder he’s keeping his options open. Sporting a bit more… let’s say, “insulation” at this new weight, one has to wonder if he’s packing power or just pastries.

In a heart-to-heart with Sean Zittel’s YouTube channel, Navarrete spilled his guts about his grand plan to conquer yet another weight class. “First I want to win the fight and know that everything is good and ascend to that group. I can only bring me happiness,” he declared, somehow making both a lot and very little sense. Despite admitting the shaky outing against Conceicao, he’s ready to tackle Berinchyk and his tricky Olympic style, which has apparently been giving everyone fits since Lomachenko decided to make it a thing.

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“We’ll wait a bit. It’s not good to make decisions too quickly or under pressure,” Navarrete mused about his future in the lightweight division. Post-fight, he plans to see how well his extra pounds served him in the ring before making any rash decisions. Because, as everyone knows, good things come to those who wait—unless you’re waiting for Navarrette to decide where he’s fighting next.

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Event Details:

  • Date: This Saturday
  • Start Time: 7 PM ET (USA) / 12 AM GMT (UK)
  • Streaming: Live on ESPN
  • Venue: Pechanga Arena, San Diego

Updated Fight Card:

  • Main Event: Emanuel Navarrete vs. Denys Berinchyk for the vacant WBO lightweight title
  • Giovani Santillan vs. Brian Norman, 12 rounds, welterweights
  • Richard Torrez Jr. vs. Brandon Moore, 8 rounds, heavyweights
  • Emiliano Vargas vs. Angel Varela Urena, 6 rounds, lightweights
  • Alan Garcia vs. Wilfredo Flores, 8 rounds, lightweights
  • Art Barrera Jr. vs. Levy Josue Garcia, 4 rounds, junior welterweights
  • Charlie Sheehy vs. Manuel Jaimes, 8 rounds, lightweights
  • Jonathan Lopez vs. Edgar Ortega, 8 rounds, junior lightweights
  • Jonny Mansour vs. Anel Dudo, 4 rounds, lightweights
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