Erik Morales reveals that the fight with Bivol at 175 was “a donde deal” and three days later fell apart

03/29/2023 - No comments

Erik Morales, Jaime Munguia’s trainer, reveals that he was told that a fight between his pupil and Dmitry Bivol was a done deal and then, a couple days later, negotiations fell apart.

“Bivol was on the table”, Erik Morales told reporters questioned by IZQUIERDAZO. “What I knew, because (the promoters) called me, and said that ‘It’s a done deal’. But unfortunately, three days later, I was told that it fell apart”.

Asked to elaborate on the reasons for the fight to be scrapped, Morales pointed at DAZN.

“Because the broadcaster didn’t agree”, Morales said. “So, basically, (the fight) was not even announced”.

Morales wanted the fight between Munguia and Bivol, but doesn’t see this as a failure.

“Not everything is centered around Bivol; he is not boxing’s biggest draw”, Morales said. “If such was the case, there would be a long line of brave men waiting to fight with him, but I don’t see that”.

Asked about Munguia’s chances of going up two weight classes in a potential fight with Bivol at light heavyweight, Morales is optimistic.

“We were checking numbers and Jaime is a little bit taller than Bivol”, Morales explained. “Jaime grows a lot with rehydration, so I don’t see a problem with that. I think it is a technical fight. Obviously, we would have to adapt to 175 pounds, there are things to adjust at the gym. But we hope that if that fight happens one day, (Jaime) will have a good performance and win”.

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