MTK Global unveils new NFT project

MTK Global, the world’s biggest force in the business of boxing, is proud to announce a ground-breaking new NFT project – allowing fans to get even closer to the action and own a unique piece of digital property.

MTK Global represents professional athletes across 43 countries and 6 continents, so it is a natural transition for MTK Global to work with its array of athletes to create a home for boxing NFTs.

Tyson Fury, Josh Taylor, Billy Joe Saunders and Darren Till are just some of the massive names that are part of MTK Global, with fans now given the chance to be a key part in their careers moving forward through the launch of the exciting new NFT project.

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a piece of digital property that can be bought and sold – like in the form of digital art and collectibles. It is a secure way to authenticate digital art and how many versions of this art exist.

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NFTs are essentially digital certificates, secured with blockchain technology, that authenticate an item’s provenance – that it is a limited edition or one of kind – and enable it to be bought and sold as such.

As the rise in Crypto trading continues to grow, NFTs are expected to catapult for sports fans who trade in digital currencies. Sports NFTs are currently booming. From the NBA to the biggest football clubs, more and more athletes, teams, and sports are jumping on the crypto collectibles train as it takes off, with MTK Global the latest powerhouse to enter the NFT world.

From limited edition digital merchandise and memorabilia to collectible trading cards and limited edition media, the MTK Global NFT project promises to deliver a full range of digital collectibles for true boxing fans, be it from top prospects to global champions, you can be a part of these professional athletes journeys through blockchain technology.

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MTK Global CEO Bob Yalen said: “We are delighted to announce this exciting new venture by unveiling our NFT project. MTK Global has been at the forefront of innovation in the boxing world for a number of years, and this is the latest move in continuing that trend.

“Fans will have the chance to own some incredible digital property that showcases the worldwide stars at MTK Global, and we can’t wait for everybody to see what will be created over the next few months.”

More news on MTK Global’s NFT project will be announced in the coming days and weeks.