MTK Global CEO Sandra Vaughan clarifies recent comments regarding Daniel Kinahan

MTK Global CEO Sandra Vaughan has clarified recent comments that were made regarding Daniel Kinahan and MTK Global.

Several news articles published over the last few days have tried to link Daniel Kinahan to MTK Global, but MTK Global CEO Sandra Vaughan has once again made clear that Mr Kinahan no longer has an association with the company.

MTK Global CEO Sandra Vaughan said: “Everyone knows, legally and legitimately, I purchased the business from Matthew Macklin in 2017. There are no ties to Daniel Kinahan, there was no contract or financial transaction, absolutely nothing.

“He hasn’t got anything to do with MTK Global. We manage fighters, that’s our role, a fighter has a team, not just a manager, a team. A trainer, a cutman, a nutritionist, an S&C coach, and 99% of the time they will have an advisor.

“That can be Daniel, that can be a family member, it could be a cousin or a father. There is always somebody around them that is giving them advice. We don’t employ any of these people, they have got no official connection to MTK Global.

“They are part of that fighter’s team, just like we’re a member of that team. These are independent professional athletes and will decide themselves who they want to speak to, who they want to train with, and who they want to have with them supporting the team.

“We’re only part of that team, we don’t own the fighter, that’s not just in boxing, that’s in every sport. Footballers have football agents, they also football managers, it doesn’t mean to say these people are employed.

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“Daniel advises fighters, and they will be recommended to MTK Global if they’ve not got a manager, which I’m totally grateful for, as we’ve had some really good fighters come to MTK because of Daniel’s recommendation.

“Daniel’s not the only person that recommends fighters to us, there are other people too. Some of the high profile fighters that Daniel advises will probably go elsewhere because they don’t want to come to MTK Global, it’s just a recommendation.

“If he’s advising fighters that are in the MTK stable, that is entirely up to the fighter, the same with the trainer they pick, cutman, nutritionist, S&C coach, or anybody in their team, we don’t decide that or have any control over that.

“It’s ultimately their decision, they’re not children, they’re professional athletes and will make that decision themselves. The reason we got Tyson Fury was because he was recommended to us through Daniel, which I’m totally grateful for.

“It happens all the time and I hope it continues to happen. As long as we fulfil what Daniel says about us being a great management company and keep doing the best for the fighters as much as we can, hopefully we’ll continue to get recommendations from Daniel.

“Daniel is an advisor for Bob Arum. That’s in an official capacity, and the reason we managed to get dates for ESPN, was because Daniel gave us the introduction to Top Rank. He wants MTK to do well, he was the founder of MTK Global.

“He’s stepped away and is his own person. Give us some credit, we work very hard to get some sort of recognition, but a recommendation coming from Daniel to boxing royalty like Bob Arum was an amazing platform for us, and that’s come from a recommendation from Daniel, but there is no connection.”

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MTK Global will be making no further comment at this time.

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