Mona Ward ready to return to action

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Boxing’s newest female phenomenon Mona Ward from St. Louis Missouri is catching the World by storm by her performance in the Team Combat League. Currently Ward is 1-0 in the league. Ward made her debut April 6 against New York. Ward will go against Los Angeles on April 27 from the Mohegan Sun Casino. We recently sat down with Ward who stated ” I was 5 years old when I first hit my first punching bag”. Ward didn’t start competing until she was 13 years old.

“I got into boxing due to me living down the street from Cherokee boxing in St. Louis . My little brother use to go there for basketball, so I decided to follow him, and I loved it. Mona Ward has over 280 amateur fights. “My style of boxing is a little like Garry Russell but more like Loma. I look up to Seniesa Estrada. I have a Clarissa shields attitude. My goal in boxing is to be bantamweight champion. I want 5 belts in 5 different weight classes is my ultimate goal”.

In early February Ward went down to Atlanta where they were having the Team Combat League tryouts. “It was a dream come true for me being picked out of hundreds to be in the Team Combat League. I feel like the league will help me over come my fear of believing I can, but instilling in me I must, and I will. This has been a big change for me. I had to leave my family and my children to train and devote the next 10 weeks to the League.TCL is an organization of firsts. They are the world’s only boxing league with a franchise team format. They are the only major sports league to feature active members of both genders on the same team.

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The inaugural season will feature six teams across the continental United States fighting a combined of 36 matches over 12 weeks in Mohegan Sun, CT. The top four teams will then square off in a one-night semi-final doubleheader to see which two will represent their city in the TCL Mega Brawl. “How does it work”. The competitions employ a unique and exclusive point scoring system. Every match is 18 rounds (3 minutes each) of nonstop action with approximately 1 minute between each round. After the first 12 rounds, there is a 10 minute half-time.Teams compete across six weight categories; five male and one female.

There are 3 Judges. Each round is scored individually. 3 points are awarded for unanimous decisions, while a split decision would be 2 points for the winner of the round’s team and 1 point to the loser. Additional points are awarded for each judged knockdown with a maximum of 6 points for a round stoppage. At the conclusion of the 24 rounds, the team with the most points wins.

Ward stated that being apart of the team has changed her life. All she does is train and gets to focus on her career. “I trained my whole life and dreamed of this moment. I feel that this is a manifesting moment because this was everything that I wanted”. Mona Ward is on Atlanta attack team, being from St. Louis Missouri Ms. Ward travels from her fight in Connecticut to Atlanta or Dallas to Atlanta. Mona Ward gave a very dominant performance when she fought April 6 at the Mohegan sun. Her next fight is April 27 at the Mohegan sun‘s casino in Connecticut. Ward Will be up against Los Angeles and you can definitely expect some fireworks.