Miller vs Browne Weigh In Results from Dubai

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Weights: Jarrell Miller 333 lbs. vs. Lucas Browne 277 lbs.
Jono Carroll 130 lbs. vs. Miguel Marriaga 130 lbs.
Soslan Asbarov 199.5 lbs. vs. Brandon Glanton 200 lbs.

In order to provide even more world-class boxing action to viewers in the USA and Australia, the best deal in livestream boxing, ProBox TV, has made the fan-friendly decision to move the broadcast start time of tomorrow’s (Saturday, March 18) Hardcore Boxing event, featuring Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller taking on Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne in the 10-round main event, to 12 PM EASTERN TIME

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Outspoken and undefeated New Yorker Jarrell “Big Baby” Miller says he’s going to take former WBA (Regular) Heavyweight Champion Lucas “Big Daddy” Browne out quickly this Saturday, March 18, to prevent the big Australian from landing any late-round magic against him.

WBA #10 Miller (25-0-1, 21 KOs) and WBA #9 Browne (31-3, 27 KOs) will meet at Agenda arena in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in the 10-round main event of a stellar show presented by Anatoly Sulyanov of Hardcore Boxing that also features a 10-round super featherweight co-main event between Dublin Ireland’s WBA #5- and IBF #11-rated former world title challenger Jono “King Kong” Carroll (23-2-1, 7 KOs) and three-time world title challenger Miguel “The Scorpion” Marriaga (30-6, 26 KOs).

Also broadcast that night will be a 10-round cruiserweight battle between fast-tracking former amateur star Soslan “Cobra” Asbarov (3-0, 1 KO) of Chapaevo and once-beaten American Brandon Glanton (17-1, 14 KOs).

Retaining his gift for great quotes after four years of inactivity, Miller, a former WBO-NABO and WBA-NABA Champion, had plenty to say about his upcoming fight, as well as about other top heavyweights and on his own personal growth through the many challenges he faced during his down time.

On Training Camp:
Training was great. This was my first official training camp (since returning). I didn’t have everything I wanted in this camp, because I was kind of getting a rhythm and organizing things. I’ve been out of the game for a while. By next camp, I will know how I like things again.

On Lucas Browne:
He’s a big guy. He’s durable for a certain number of rounds and has a good overhand right. But technically and fundamentally, he’s nowhere near me. I know I’m stronger. I know I’m faster. I‘m younger. I have an amazing jab. My IQ in boxing is phenomenal. Everything he does, I do a million times better. But he’s game. That’s all that matters in the fight game. One punch in the heavyweight division anything can happen, so I did not sleep on him.

How He Sees the Browne Fight Unfolding:
I’m thinking it will go four rounds or less. I’m not trying to play with him and I’m not going to give him an opportunity to land that right hand. He fought Junior Fa and Junior didn’t realize what he walked into. I see him as a slow starter who gets beat up a lot and then in seven or eight rounds, he lands a right hand that gets guys out of there. My goal is to not let it go 10 rounds. I got head movement and a good, stiff jab. Once I get him hurt, I will go in there and send him home. I’m definitely going to knock him out in the early rounds of the fight. It could be a combination or just one punch, but I know I’m going to stop him.

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On His Continued Weight Loss:
For my last fight, I came in at 340. I’m down to 325. I look a lot leaner than 325, but I’ve been relearning my body over again. I’m a couple years older now and I’m relearning how to eat and diet. I feel amazing. I never was a drinker, and I don’t smoke at all, so I’m just learning what to put in my body now that I’m a little older. I’ve learned how to eat clean for myself.

Is He the Same Fighter He Was Four Years Ago?
Honestly, I don’t 100% know the answer to that. This is the first game opponent I have fought (in the last four years). I still talk shit and back it up, but am I the same fighter? No. I don’t think so. I think every year, a person evolves. You have to become a little different and a little better.

What Did He Learn During His Four Years Away:
I think mentally I have learned how to let certain things go. I’ve learned how to read people differently; I have a better understanding with myself spiritually in a way. I’ve gone through other struggles away from boxing, outside the ring. Dealing with a divorce, not seeing my kids, so the hunger is still there (to fight). I just need to be realistic with myself, know when to criticize myself and know what I need to work on. Being a better human being of course, but understanding what my strengths are what my weaknesses are. This fight is going to show me what I need to work on, but at the same time I’m going in for the kill regardless.

They say you can never be a man if you’ve never gone through adversity in your life and I’ve always gone through so much outside of boxing. (The failed drug tests) That’s probably the first issue I’ve gone through in boxing. It taught me a lot about the people I had in my corner and the people I really thought had my back. I had to really stand on my feet firm and really believe in myself and have faith in God that I could come through anything.

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I’ve got a great team now, including my long-time promoter Greg Cohen who is here with me, and I’m ready to get what’s mine.

On Anthony Joshua Not Being Who People Once Thought He Was:
I’m good at reading people. I said that Eddie Hearn and Matchroom Boxing did a great job of marketing him and selling him this whole BS story of who he was. But I can read people. I knew he was full of shit and after I pushed him, he was never the same. Andy (Ruiz) kind of took advantage of that and he did what he did. Now it’s my turn to get what I’ve lost.

On Heavyweight Prospect Jared Anderson Calling Himself ‘The Real Big Baby.’
I think it’s cute, but anybody that has to call themself “The Real Big Baby,” that should tell all they got to say. That’s corny as hell. ‘I’m the real Anthony Joshua!’ You know what I mean? Trying to be the person you’re not. He did that on purpose too. He’s younger and I got way more experience. Everybody knows I’m the original Big Baby and there’s only one Big Baby.

He (Anderson) ain’t fighting nobody. They want to fight cruiserweights. He’s calling out Andrew Tabiti. The guy is not even a real heavyweight. That tells you the kind of enthusiasm behind this guy and the belief they have in him.

Is He Looking To Fight Anderson Soon?
Not yet. Listen, if they… I would love to fight him. I’ll fight him right now. I’ll fight him tomorrow if they really want to talk that game, but I know him, and his team don’t want none of that smoke at all. I know his manager James Prince will tell him to stay away from ‘The One and Only Big Baby.’ I think the time for that will come, but if they want it, I’ll definitely give them smoke.

On Fury vs. Usyk:
A lot of people are saying that Tyson is going to beat him up and it’s going to be a one-way fight. First of all, this is boxing. What I can tell you is this. I’m a big fan of Tyson. Me and him talk our regular boxing BS, but if I take my biased opinion out of it, anybody that knows how to box gives Tyson a problem and Usyk is a real technical boxer. So, I don’t see it being a one-sided fight. I think it will be a very technical fight. I don’t think it will be super exciting, but I don’t think it will be a one-sided fight. I do tilt more toward Tyson because he’s a bigger guy and he can be aggressive at times, but I think it will be a lot closer than what people are making it seem.

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His Goals for The Future:
My main thing right now is I want to punch Anthony Joshua in the face. That fight needs to still happen. I’m hoping he gets past Jermaine (Franklin). Hopefully we can get it on after this fight. I want to retire him. I want to break his will and his heart, his brain, his eye socket. And I still want to break his nose. That would definitely be the fight I want. But, if not, Daniel Dubois and his team have expressed interest in fighting. I would definitely fight him right after this for the WBA Regular title. Those are the only two fights I really care about, Daniel Dubois and Anthony Joshua.

I am destined to be heavyweight champ of the world, hands down. Period. I just have to stay focused, stay relaxed and be my rambunctious, loud, dynamic self. I got to be me.

On Sparring with Tyson Fury:
Sparring with Tyson taught me I knew where I still stand in this game. Tyson said he dropped me seven times, that’s BS. More like the other way around. I clocked him with some shit.

On Being in Dubai:
I’m loving Dubai. I’ve been a big believer in the Muslim religion for many years. My trainer when I was a kid in the amateurs, he always wanted me to convert and learn more about the culture. Being out here, I’ve been at peace. I see a lot of my friends have moved out here. Just being in a relaxed state of mind and able to focus.

Lastly, On Deontay Wilder:
Wilder is not the same person, mentally. He still has that wonderful, powerful right hand, but there are definitely some kinks in his armor I see. When you believe all the things people around you are telling you and then someone teaches you they’re full of shit, it’s hard for you to believe it. He was talking about how he’s Mike Tyson and a god and a killer and now he sees he’s not that. It was time for him to come off his high horse. Reality teaches you who men are when they are tested. Deontay still has a right hand that could put you to sleep though.

ATTENTION FANS IN DUBAI: Tickets to attend “Hardcore Boxing in Dubai” live can be purchased with cash, Unionpay and Mir cards at the Platinumlist office from 11:00 to 18:00 (Weekdays) at Office 413, 4th floor, Building 4, The Greens, Emaar Business Park, Dubai or online by clicking HERE.

Several more matches are scheduled between local and international prospects and their worthy opponents. On fight night, there is no smoking, parking is available, and no cameras are permitted in the arena.