Mikaela Mayer: “Bullsh*tter Baumgardner no match for my aggression”

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Mayer: My aggressive style gives me an advantage over bullsh*tter Baumgardner

“She [Baumgardner] tends to coast through her fights, she does not have that second of third gear. She’s a counter puncher, that’s good and everything but she’s coasting through her career. She started boxing when she was 8-years-old and I’ve surpassed her in every way in half the time. Now she has the opportunity, she has the platform but she’s been bullsh*tting too long, we’re levels apart.”

“There’s been a lot of sh*t talk but my sh*t talk is facts. And they come off harsh, she might not like it, but one thing I don’t respect about her is her trash talk is low blows. She wants to talk about the way I look and my body. Things that don’t matter.”

“I have an aggressive style, I have that second and third gear. I like that about myself. It’s exciting and a lot of people can’t keep up with that and at some point in the fight I plan on taking her to deep waters that I don’t think she’s been there before and that’s where I’ll excel.

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Mayer: Bring on Katie Taylor in Ireland, I’m the one that can beat her

It’s always been a goal of mine to face Katie Taylor, she’s done so much for the sport, she was on top of the game when I first started. I have a ton of respect for her but I want to challenge myself against her. I believe in myself and I really believe I’ll be the one to beat Katie Taylor.

I really hope it happens before she hangs up her gloves, that’s why I’ve been pushing these girls at 130 to get these fights done. That’s why Top Rank made the offer to Baumgardner and really, really backed me on this fight because they know I know I want these fights at 130 done this year because there are so many other challenges for me in different weight divisions. I would love the stadium fight in Ireland, when I heard Serrano didn’t jump on the opportunity to fight Katie in Ireland I wanted to be like ‘I’ll do it, I’ll do it” – but I need to get through the Baumgardner fight first but then I’ll have no problem going to Ireland and fighting Katie Taylor – she deserves a big fight there.”

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These quotes first appeared on Vegas Insider