Mauricio Lara wants to trust Leigh Wood after postponment: “We will see if the injury is real or a lie”

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In Mauricio Lara’s team they only know that Leigh Wood suffered an injury and had to postpone his fight, originally scheduled for September 24th, but nobody has provided any evidence or a timeframe for when the fight could be rescheduled.

Alejandro Brito, Operations Director for Bxstrs Promotions, which handles Lara’s career, reveals that they were not provided with details about the injury in Wood’s biceps, which put on hold a fight for Wood’s WBA featherweight title.

“They didn’t tell us anything”, Brito told IZQUIERDAZO. “They just told us that he (Leigh Wood) is injured, and that they would give us a call later to offer details. But we haven’t received that call yet. They haven’t told us anything, and we just want to know how much time (Wood will need for his recovery). They just told us that he (Wood) is injured, and we have to play by those rules, and we have to believe in what they said. But the thing is that Lara will not fight (on September 24th)”.

Brito says that they know the exact magnitude of Leigh Wood’s injury and that would define the timeframe to reschedule the fight.

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“They told us it was (Wood’s) biceps”, Brito explained. “But we don’t know if it is just a stretch or a tear in his biceps. If it’s a full rupture, he would be out for six months; but if it’s just a tear there would be a possibility (for the fight to be done) around the year’s end”.

Brito is in Las Vegas, where he hopes to speak to Eddie Hearn or Matchroom’s executives about the fight.

Matchroom didn’t give us a pronunciation”, Brito said. “We are waiting for them to give us a confirmation. I wish we could have a little talk with them here (in Las Vegas), and know what is the plan, or the timeframe. Something that I can tell Lara, for him to calm down”.

Alejandro Brito wants to believe that the injury is real and it is not an excuse from Leigh Wood’s side to just run away from the fight.

“I believe, and we believe in their honesty”, Brito explained. “Because we know that he (Wood) was not going to say ‘I don’t want to fight’. If such was the case, they would have said that since the beginning, that there was a risk or that they didn’t want to face the danger because (Lara) is very strong. But the contracts are signed. He (Wood) has no option (but to fight Lara). When Wood is recovered, he has no escape. He has to fight. We are in that dramatic pause, in which, as a manager, I have to tell my fighter to wait, to be patient. But I don’t know what to tell him, because the other side has not shown their face yet. We don’t know if Wood will be back in three, four, or six months”.

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Mauricio Lara shares Brito’s disappointment about the postponement of the fight, his first world title opportunity, long awaited, since he knocked out Josh Warrington in a surprising fashion on February 13th, 2021.

The rematch with Warrington ended in a technical draw after an accidental head clash in just two rounds. But instead of a third fight to have a resolution in that rivalry, Warrington got an opportunity to fight for Kiko Martinez’ IBF featherweight title and won by a TKO.

Lara had to wait, and finally got his shot for Leigh Wood’s WBA world title. But now, with Wood’s injury, he has to wait again.

“To tell you the truth, I felt dissapointed”, Lara told IZQUIERDAZO. “There are situations that just don’t happen. Maybe it is not my moment. Things happen. But we know that everything happens for a reason”.

Lara is trying to figure out how to deal with the postponement, both mentally and emotionally.

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“Mentally, its a blow that we know how to assimilate”, Lara said. “But emotionally it is hard. (The cancellation) just 10 days before the fight is something that hurts. We completed a three months of work. But those are things that happen in boxing”.

Mauricio Lara says that he was not provided with any evidence of Wood’s injury.

“I didn’t see anything, he didn’t post anything on social media”, Lara pointed out. “Like when I fought with Warrington, when he posted that he was in the hospital. I trust in (Wood’s) honesty. We will see what happens. I trust in his honesty, and I wish him a quick recovery. I hope the fight is still in place. I hope he has the courage of a champion, the determination to prove himself. And we will know then if the injury was real or it was a lie”.