Mauricio Lara still wants to fight Josh Warrington

12/16/2022 - No comments

Mauricio “Bronco” Lara feels that his rivalry with Josh Warrington is a personal thing, and still wants to fight him despite the fact that he lost his world title against Luis Alberto “Venado” Lopez. But Lara also warns López that the belt belongs to him.

“With Warrington it is a personal thing”, Lara said to IZQUIERDAZO. “I will fight him; he is not a champion anymore and he will not have advantage. I will fight him anywhere, but not in his home. He is not an A side anymore in a fight against me; he is a B side or even a C side, because I’m in a higher position than him. Warrington has to fight me, no matter what. Its a personal thing what I have with him. I wanted to fight him even more, because he had the world title that I wanted. That title belongs to me since 2021, to tell you the truth”.

At the same time, Mauricio Lara greeted his fellow Mexican Luis Alberto “Venado” Lopez, who won a majority decision against Warrington in England, and took the IBF featherweight world title to Mexico.

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“Congratulations to him (Lopez)”, Lara said to IZQUIERDAZO. “He accomplished a big merit for his career”.

But Mauricio Lara feels that the belt belongs to him since he won against Josh Warrington in February 2021, but Warrington’s title was not in play. Now that the belt is in Lopez’s hands, Lara wants to fight him.

“Tha title belongs to me since 2021”, Lara said. “Now that he (Lopez) is a champion, he has the title that I want. We can make that fight. It doesn’t matter, I want to fight with anyone, with any champion that gives me an opportunity”.

Lara accepts that he didn’t watch the fight between Lopez and Warrington, but his team did, and they passed him a report about headbutts and dirty fighting. The second fight between Warrington and Lara ended abruptly because of a headbutt.

“I don’t watch boxing, I don’t have the passion to watch other fights”, Lara said. “I have passion to do and feel boxing, but believe it or not, I’m not very fond of watching it. But what they (his team) told me, were things that also happened in my fight. We now know that it was not accidental. We noticed that everything is on purpose in a dirty fighter like him (Warrington)”.

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But the IBF featherweight is not the only title that Mauricio Lara has in his sights. Leo Santa Cruz recently relinquished his WBA title, and that left Leigh Wood as the only champion. And Mauricio Lara wants to continue the good streak of Mexicans against British fighters.

“We know that this English fighter (Wood) is considered a chicken”, Lara pointed out. “But he was to fight me to leave that image behind. He has to make the effort to win against me, because we know that I am in my best moment to be a world champion”.

Lara is not afraid to travel to England again to fight Leigh Wood, and he is not only confident, but also comfortable, like at home.

“England is like a second home to me”, Lara said. “We know that English fighters run away from Mexicans. But now, with the upset that Venado accomplished there, every Mexican fighting there (in the UK) will feel like at home”.

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