Matchroom CEO Frank Smith Talks Tyson Fury, Upcoming Fights

06/09/2023 - No comments

Matchroom CEO Frank Smith, in his recent interview with Seconds Out, spilled some insights on the current events surrounding heavyweight champ Tyson Fury.

It seems that Fury has been facing difficulties locking down his next opponent. Talks of a potential fight with Andy Ruiz have circulated, but, as Smith discloses, they’ve hit a stumbling block over the financial side of things.

“You know they’re talking about Andy Ruiz… they couldn’t agree on a price.”

He was clear that while Matchroom isn’t involved directly with Fury’s representation, the frustration from Fury’s camp is tangible.

“Our job isn’t to represent Tyson Fury… it’s obviously frustrating for them.”

Adding to the predicament, Smith underlines the confusion surrounding Fury’s plans for his next fight.

“There’s a lot of talking. One day he’s going to fight in Australia, the next day he wants to fight at Wembley… it’s kind of like it’s a bit confusing.”

Smith, however, has a clear recommendation amidst the chaos – a fight with Oleksander Usyk!

“I think they should be focused on trying to make Tyson Fury against Usyk… you know, create an Undisputed heavyweight champion. We don’t see it often enough in the sport.”

Sunny Edwards & Andres Campos

Frank Smith expressed excitement for the forthcoming fight between Sunny Edwards and Andres Campos. Smith’s admiration for Edwards is clear,

“He’s been a fighter we’ve looked at for a long time… Sonny’s a tremendous fighter. As Eddie said this week, he believes pound for pound, one of the best fighters in the UK right now.”

Smith praised Edwards’ commitment to the craft and for opting for the challenge of fighting Campos. He believes this ambition is indicative of Edwards’ readiness for major fights, such as those against Bam Rodriguez later this year.

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Sonny Edwards and His Career

Smith went on to commend Edwards for his self-made reputation in the boxing community. He believes Edwards has cultivated interest in his career due to his charismatic personality. He said,

“He’s really created something for himself by the work he’s put in without too much external support… He’s a tremendous fighter that obviously helps, but at the same time, he’s built a character.”

According to Smith, Edwards’ affinity for media work and his willingness to contribute to his own exposure is a testament to his commitment and dedication to the sport.

Women’s Boxing: Nina Hughes, Ebony Bridges, and Shannon Courtney

Smith also commented on the women’s division, particularly on Nina Hughes, Ebony Bridges, and Shannon Courtney. Hughes, who recently achieved her dream of becoming a world champion, plans to unify, as does Bridges. On the matter, Smith said,

“Ebony Bridges will be back in the summer after she had a bit of an injury after the December fight. Nina Hughes had a tremendous win in Dubai against Jamie Mitchell.”

Smith also touched upon the potential of Hughes’ future bouts and Bridges’ return to the ring after her injury.

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David Adelaide, Fabio Wardley, and Dave Allen

The discussion moved onto British heavyweights. Smith noted the potential fight between David Adelaide and Fabio Wardley. He also mentioned Dave Allen, who is in great shape and has been working hard. Smith mentioned Allen’s personal struggles, but expressed confidence in his current state and readiness to step back into the ring.

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