Manny Pacquiao reacts to Terence Crawford KO Win!

07/30/2023 - No comments

In an interview with Fight Hub, the legendary  Manny Pacquiao shared his thoughts on tthe Crawford knockout that took everyone by surprise.

“Oh this was very good,” he confessed. “Crawford…he did a good, good job. He’s  number one I think so, I thought it would go full 12 rounds”

This, quite effectively, underscores the unpredictability of boxing. The ‘expected’ outcome can often turn on its head in a flash, lending the sport its unique flavor. What could be more human or perplexing?

When asked about a potential rematch, the Filipino boxing icon candidly confessed that he didn’t know how that might turn out, stating:

“I don’t know if there’s anything that would change, it was one-sided.”

The ‘Callout’ from Connor Benn

On the topic of the rising UK boxer Connor Benn and the potential fight, Pacquiao merely acknowledged the request without giving much away.

“Connor Benn, are you gonna fight Connor Benn? He’s talking in the UK to say that he wants to fight me next,” the interviewer asked, to which Manny simply responded, “I’m fighting for it.”.

“What do you think about Charlo versus Canelo?” the interviewer probed. Pacquiao responded, “Oh, it’s a…that’s a good fight. Keep moving, good moves.”

When the possibility of Charlo taking on Terence Crawford was brought up, he answered, “Let’s make Terence Crawford next.”

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With the ever-debated topic of Terence Crawford’s place in boxing history, Pacquiao was again brought to consider the question of Crawford’s greatness.

“Does this fight make Terence Crawford an all-time great in your eyes?” the interviewer inquired. But the ever-humble Pacquiao avoided making any grand declarations, deferring the judgement to time, “I don’t know.”

As for what’s next for Manny himself, he concluded the interview with a sense of ambiguity and resilience that only a seasoned boxer could possess.

“I could take a shot coming back,” he stated, leaving fans eager for his next move.

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