Malik Scott: “Tyson Fury would have beaten Ali”

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Speaking to Casinos En Ligne, Malik Scott said: Andy Ruiz presents ‘no threat’ to Deontay Wilder as Mexican is ‘easy to shut down’ – Malik Scott also shares his view on some of boxing’s greatest fighters: “Fury would have beaten Ali”

The 42-year-old tells Casinos En Ligne that Deontay Wilder’s rumoured next opponent Andy Ruiz Jr. faces a “scary shut out” against the American.

Scott also gives his opinion on the hypotheticals from Mayweather vs Pacquaio to Mike Tyson as a UFC fighter.

On why Wilder will have no problem against Ruiz:

“Andy Ruiz presents absolutely no threat to a disciplined Deontay Wilder. I’ve been going over my notes and from film study I see Andy Ruiz has a problem with disciplined fighters. The only hope Andy Ruiz has is if you give him an opportunity. But if you stick to a game plan he’s easy to shut down. He’s a good fighter but we all have our loopholes, Andy’s is he can’t beat disciplined fighters.

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“When AJ fought him the first time he was not as disciplined as when he fought him the second time. The minute AJ fought with a systemised game plan it was a shut out. An old Chris Arreola, who got with Joe Goosen and stuck with a game plan, beat Ruiz in my opinion by two rounds. Every time I look at the tape, I have Arreola winning by two rounds, it definitely wasn’t as wide as the judges had it.

“Andy Ruiz is going to come to Deontay and when he does he puts himself at risk. We’re going to make him reach, he has to, we’re taller. When he reaches he’s going to pay like he’s never paid before.

“A disciplined, systemised Deontay Wilder has no problem with Andy Ruiz. Does that mean Andy is a bad fighter, absolutely not, but Deontay with a game plan; high hand up, chin behind the left knee, patience knowing he’s going to have his big moments – it’s a shutout, a painful, scary shutout.”

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On why Tyson Fury would have beaten Muhammad Ali, but younger Cassius Clay would have put up more of a fight:

“Tyson Fury beats Muhammad Ali but Cassius Clay gives Fury more problems. The Ali that came back to boxing after exile, Tyson Fury beats that Ali. Fury would be too imposing, too fast, too much for Ali.

“Ali was too stationary when he came back. I believe a tricky Fury or the latest version of Fury would beat Ali, but Cassius Clay would give Fury a much better fight.”

On how Mayweather would have stopped Pacquiao in his prime:

“It would have been worse for Manny Pacquiao if he fought Floyd Mayweather in his prime, he would have got stopped. “Pretty Boy” Floyd would have had a much easier time with Pacquiao than “Money” Mayweather.

“Manny would have been knocked out if it was the same Floyd who beat the Diego Corrales, Angel Manfredy, the Floyd that fought Arturo Gatti would stop a prime Pacquaio.

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“Pretty Boy Floyd is one of the best to put the gloves on ever and he’s in my top five pound for pound of all time; Lennox Lewis, Sugar Ray Robinson, Pernell Whitaker, Félix Savón, Floyd Mayweather.”

On whether Mike Tyson would have been a successful mma fighter:

“I think the success of a boxer going over to mma depends on how they train and also how good of a street fighter they were before they started boxing.

“So if we’re talking pure fighting and rage under a controlled manner, then I think a young “Iron” Mike Tyson being taught how to use his bottom half, I think Tyson could have done it with his rage, attitude, speed, explosiveness.”

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