Who Won? Luis Collazo Vs. Angel Ruiz Fight Results

04/19/2023 - No comments

Former world champion Luis Collazo retires after losing to Angel Ruiz in the main event in a ten-round junior middleweight bout on Wednesday, April 19 at the ProBox Events Center in Plant City, Florida.

10 Rounds Jr. Middleweights TV# 3 Main

Luis Collazo________________vs_________________Angel Ruiz

Brooklyn, New York__________________________Culiacan, Mexico

39-9-20 KO’s________________________________18-2-1, 13 KO’s

152.6 lbs._________________________________________154 lbs.

Ruiz Wins by KO at :32 of Round 6

Ruiz turns it on in the first minute of the fight and Collazo is hurt a little bit as he bounces off the ropes. Collazo settles in and puts together combinations. Both fighters do damage in back and forth round two, toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring. Collazo goes down in final minute of roound 3 with a big left – later the referee called a 2nd knockdown as Collazo was being held up by the ropes. Round 5 was Collazo’s best so far. In the first 30 seconds of round 6, Ruiz nails Collazo with a right to the belly, Collazo goes down to all-fours and cannot get up.

Collazo: “He cought me with a great body shot. I was getting ready to throw and he threw and beat me to it. For boxing I’m done. This is the end for me now. Ruiz did what he had to do and came out with the victory. I give them credit and wish him nothing but the best. Now I will get to spend more time with my family and with the grandchildren.”

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Ruiz: “(To Collazo) Thanks for the opportunity! I felt bad because he is 40 years ol but there are many of those such as Bernard Hopkins. But they are warriors. They are fighters and you can’t make a mistake with them.

6 Rounds Welterweights TV# 2

Vadim Musaev______________vs_______________Martin Alvarez

Miami, Florida____________________________Los Mochis, Mexico

6-0, 5 KOs______________________________________7-1, 6 KOs

147.2 lbs._______________________________________150.8 lbs.

Musaev, W TKO, 2:03 Round 1

Musaev starts the fight landing hard lefts to the body. And just like that, Alvarez walks into a sharp, super short, left hand to the chin, goes down, gets up wobbly and cannot continue. It was a counter left set up with a right to the body. Before the fight, Musaev stated that “my style is like Mike Tyson’s.”

10 Rounds Jr. Featherweights TV# 1

Prince Dzanie__________________________________Jose Salas

Accra, Ghana________________________________Tijuana, Mexico

23-1, 19 KOs___________________________________12-0, 9 KOs

121.8 lbs._______________________________________121.8 lbs.

Salas, W Unanimous Decision, 100-89, 100-89, 100-89

As the fight goes to the fifth, and both Algierie and Paulie have it 4-0, for Salas, it’s the longest of Salas’ career. Unchartered territory as they say. After taking much of the punsihment throughout, Dzani comes on strong in round eight, being very agressive, to the point where Salas had to hold on a little bit. Salas nails Dzana with a hard left and Dzani goes down at the end of round nine! He is up and ready by the bell. Everything was working for the yupunger Salas as he becomes the first to beat Prince Dzani!