Live Stream: Morrison, Duran Jr, Castillo Jr, Cunningahm Jr & McClellan Jr

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An exciting new fight series including the most legendary names in the history of professional boxing continues with “Lineage of Greatness II”  presented by Triller Fight Club and Ares Entertainment on Saturday, October 22 at Memorial Hall in Kansas City, KS and broadcast live globally on FITE.

Featured on the card in separate fights will be the sons of four true boxing legends: undefeated heavyweight contender Kenzie “TCB” Morrison, (20-0, 18 KOs), junior lightweight contender Jose Luis Castillo Jr, (24-3, 18 KOs), welterweight prospect Roberto Duran Jr. (9-2, 7 KOs) and the pro debut of middleweight Steve Cunningham Jr. 

Live Stream: Morrison, Duran Jr, Castillo Jr, Cunningahm Jr & McClellan Jr - Boxing Image

Special guest commentators on the broadcast will be “The Voice of Combat Sports,” Sean Wheelock and Amir Tyson, the son of one of the greatest heavyweight champions of all time.

Tickets starting at $35.00 are now on sale through and EventBrite. Memorial Hall is located at 600 North Seventh Street, Kansas City, KS 66101. Doors will open on Saturday night at 7pm CT.

The two-hour FREE preview broadcast featuring four preliminary bouts starts at 5pm PT/8pm ET on FITE and all of Triller’s streaming platforms.

The main card will be on FITE+ subscription and pay-per-view beginning at 7pm PT/10pm ET. 

Below are quotes from the participants at the final weigh-in and press event. 

Kenzie Morrison

“All of us on the Lineage card admire our dads and respect what they did in the sport of boxing, but there’s something about it as a fighter that makes it personal, and you do it for yourself, because you’re the only one in there, and you’re alone.”

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Kenzie Morrison

“I’ve made mistakes, and I’m still learning, and Robert’s been on some big cards against some tough guys, and he’s someone who’s going to push me, so I did not take him lightly.”

Robert Simms

“I’m ready to show what I can do. It’s hard to prepare for a fighter like me who moves as much as I do and can punch the way I can, so it’s going to be a good fight, and he’s got power that can end the fight at any time, so I know what I’m up against.”

Steve Cunningham Jr.

“My dad shows me some techniques that he learned coming up, and he spars with me, so he can see what I need closeup.”

Steve Cunningham Sr.

“I see him trying to get me when we spar, and I love that, because that’s how you level up, and it keeps me sharp, because he’s very strong and crafty.”

Jose Luis Castillo Jr.

“My dad is my hero and my role model, and it’s exciting to have him supporting me, because at the beginning of my career, he didn’t want me to fight, but now he sees my potential, and he’s happy with it.”

Roberto “Robert” Duran Jr.

“If I do look like my father in the ring, that just happens, but I move a little more, I’m a little quicker and the power is definitely there.”

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Gerald McClellan Jr.

“I’m fighting to create my own identity. I’m my father’s son, but I fight in a weight class that’s two divisions bigger than he was, and I feel like I’m going to have a more aggressive style. Anything that he was in the ring, I try to be that and more.”

David Tetreault/President, Triller Fight Club

“With the new Lineage of Greatness series, we’re able to tell stories and highlight these fighters like the NFL and MLB and NBA do with their athletes. The lineage that these fighters come from – Morrison, Duran, Castillo, Cunningham, McClellan – it’s off the charts. It will transform the sport and give us the opportunity to build the sport and from there, you can create blockbusters.”

David Tetreault/President, Triller Fight Club

“When you look at Triller Fight Club and its origins, it was all about creating an event around boxing and turning it into entertainment, engagement and experience, so that’s what we’re going to be focusing on heading into 2023.”

Joe Kelly/President, Ares Entertainment

“When I grew up in Kansas City, we were involved in the Tommy Morrison camp, and he was almost like a third sports franchise in the city, and Robert’s father fought on one of Tommy’s cards, so this is a unique feeling for them to come back to Kansas City as the children of these guys and be involved in carving their own path and legacy.”

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Joe Kelly/President, Ares Entertainment

“You used to be able to watch fighters come up from cradle to creation, and that’s kind of missing in the sport right now, so we want to take this and build it up and create that new generation of stars.”

Amir Tyson/Commentator

“Kenzie is a great fighter with finishing power. He’s tough and fights through punishment. I think he’s going to do a great job.”

Amir Tyson/Commentator

“Roberto Duran was my dad’s biggest inspiration as a fighter, and I know Robert has his spirit and his genes, and I can’t wait for him to showcase that as well.”

Full Fight Card

Kenzie Morrison (20-0-2, 18 KO’s) vs. Robert Simms (11-3-1), heavyweights, ten rounds

Steve Cunningham Jr. (Pro Debut) vs. Andre Scott (Pro Debut), jr. middleweights, four rounds

Jose Luis Castillo Jr. (24-3, 18 KO’s) vs. James Roach (6-5), jr. lightweights, eight rounds

Robert Duran Jr. (9-2) vs. Jake Robinson (5-2-1), welterweights, six rounds

Gerald McClellan Jr. (2-0) vs. Yavonta Christopher (2-0), light heavyweights, four rounds

John Cantrell (4-0) vs. TJ Jones (5-8), heavyweights, six rounds

Jorge Carlos (2-0) vs. Aaron Ely (3-3), lightweights, four rounds

Deshawn Prather (13-1) vs. Dedrick Bell (31-33-1), middleweight, six rounds

Ronell Burnett (7-0) vs. Ed Guinn (4-5-1), lightweight, six rounds

For more information, visit or text “LOG” to 75303.

Live Stream: Morrison, Duran Jr, Castillo Jr, Cunningahm Jr & McClellan Jr - Boxing Image