Lightweight Spencer Wilcox To Make Boxing History With Brothers

11/03/2022 - No comments

Spencer Wilcox and his boxing brothers will make fight history on Friday night when they all feature on the same show.

The Probellum lightweight is joined by older siblings Jessie, Steven, and Bradley in fighting on a special event in Brantford, Ontario, Canada.

Spencer and the Wilcox family believe it will be the first time in North American fight history that four brothers have all appeared on the same pro show before.

And adding to the significance of the night, the landmark show will be staged to raise awareness for the Robbie Wilcox Foundation, a fund-raising charity set up in memory of the first son of Robert and Cheryl Wilcox, who died aged seven.

Spencer Wilcox said: “For those who don’t know, we have six boys in the house and one little sister. And the eldest brother, Robbie, passed from brain cancer when he was seven. He was diagnosed when he was four.

“So, the whole point of Friday night is to bring awareness to this. We used to all fight once a year on an amateur show when we were real young to raise awareness for the Robbie Wilcox Foundation, and as kids, we always thought, how cool would that be when we are pro?

“It was one of those things you talked about, but you didn’t really expect it to ever come about. You just spoke about it as kids. But now we have the chance. Four of us are pro and currently still fighting and now we have the chance to all fight together on the same night and still raise awareness for our brother and everyone that’s been affected by it.”

The show at the Brantford Civic Centre is headlined by super welterweight Jessie (16-0-2) with Steven, a 23-3-1 super lightweight, fighting in the co-main event.

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Unbeaten lightweight Bradley (9-0) is third in line, with Spencer (4-0) the first of the Wilcox brothers to fight, when he takes on Isaac Castan over six rounds.

There’s no way my dad’s not nervous but you couldn’t pay him to admit his emotions,” Spencer said.

“But my mom, she’ll go tell the newspaper that she’s a nervous wreck, she doesn’t even want to go, she hates it, she can’t wait for November 5th. I’m a little bit nervous. I hate watching my brothers fight. I’d rather fight their fights for them, all in one night.”

Asked which of the Wilcox brothers is the best boxer, Spencer said: “If they were sat here, I’d say myself. But they’re not here, so I’ve got to be humble.

“Being the youngest, I learn from everybody. Everybody growing up, I always said: ‘You’re the best, you’re the best’, but you know what? It’s because of them.

“But growing up as the youngest I was also the lippiest.  I would like to lip off and get my brothers mad, but my dumb mind wouldn’t remember we had to go to the gym at 5pm! That gym has seen some wars between us!”

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