Lennox Lewis Expert Take: “Tyson Fury Will Beat Usyk”

By Tim Smith - 05/15/2024 - No comments

Lennox Lewis, the last bloke to hold the undisputed heavyweight title, shared his thoughts on the upcoming unification fight between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk. Lewis ” told RingTV.com that both Fury and Usyk are ready for war, and this fight will be something to see. He’s backing Fury to win, but not by much, giving him a 60/40 edge. However, he warns not to underestimate Usyk.

Lewis reckons Fury’s size will give him the upper hand. “Usyk, the WBA/IBF/WBO champ, won’t be intimidated,” said Lewis. “You can’t scare an undisputed champion; they only know how to be number one. Usyk’s shown he can go to war while boxing. Fury’s got his own mental battles to handle on top of his boxing skills. Both are in war mode, but Fury needs to stay mentally sharp from training to fight night—no distractions.”

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“It’s 60/40 in Fury’s favor, but you never know which Fury will show up. Don’t count Usyk out; anything can happen. Styles make fights, and this one’s got everyone buzzing.”

Everyone’s been eager for this fight for a while. Fury’s been called “skinny” by Usyk, and he’s been seen on crutches, fueling doubts the fight might get called off again. Plus, John Fury’s antics are just adding to the circus.

We’re just three days out, and Friday’s weigh-in will be crucial. Is Lewis right? Is Fury the slight favorite, or is he more than that? Maybe you’re backing Usyk? Will this fight live up to the hype?


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