Kownacki vs Cusumano at MSG – “KO Under Six”

06/24/2023 - No comments

IFL TV caught up with Adam Kownacki who talked about his forthcoming bout at the legendary Madison Square Garden. The question comes to the forefront: What is it like preparing for such a event? “How excited are you to get out there?”

“Oh, very,” Adam replied, the anticipation clearly resonating in his voice. “It’s a good day for me, you know. I’m definitely coming to get the W.” But the question that strikes at the heart of the matter: “Is it just about winning, or is it about how he plans to win?”

“I’m not even thinking about an average win,” Kownacki states confidently. “I’m thinking about how amazing I’ll look.” With an unyielding mindset, Adam is determined to make a lasting impression.

How did he regain his confidence after three consecutive defeats? “Focus,” Kownacki answers almost immediately, “You’ve got to be 100% focused in this game. It’s your life.” It’s an earnest confession, highlighting the daunting nature of the sport, the constant struggle between the ropes.

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What has been the added value of his current coach Sugar Hill? Kownacki credits his trainer for injecting “focus and excitement” into his boxing style. The simple joy of learning something new every day has rekindled his passion for the sport.

The Impending Showdown

The upcoming bout against tough, towering Joe Cusumano brings a new set of challenges. Yet, Kownacki is quick to point out the opponent’s stiff movement as something he could capitalize on.

“What does an amazing win do for your career going forward? Who have you got your eye on?” Asked about his future aspirations, he keeps his answers focused on the present. “Right now, I’m just focused on June 24th.”

Despite his determination and focus, Adam acknowledges the uncertainty inherent in his sport. “How do you think the Joshua Wilder fight goes?” He ponders for a moment, “It will be a truly amazing match-up, I can’t wait to see it.” His respect for the boxing giants is evident.

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As for his own fight? His prediction is a knockout under six. But he insists on focusing on the present, determined to win and do so impressively.

“Because I refuse to not be first.” The words echo once more, a testament to Kownacki’s tenacity and will.


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