Keyshawn Weighs In: Lopez Vs. Taylor – A Showdown Worth the Wait

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Keyshawn Davis recently shed some light on the anticipated fight  between Teofimo Lopez and Josh Taylor. Speaking to KO Artist Sports,  Davis expounded on the craft of boxing and his own personal journey, he was quick to share his thoughts on the fight that’s creating a buzz in the boxing world.

Lopez vs Taylor – An Opinion

Davis was asked about Lopez’s comments about black fighters and the promotion they are receiving, including himself. Davis responded diplomatically, hinting at a challenge, “If you feel like they’re promoting us, then try to fight us… Put yourself in the mix, fight us. That’s what I would do.”

In his seasoned view, this is not just about promotion, but about seeking challenges and proving one’s mettle in the ring.

A Fair Acknowledgement

While Davis offered a subtle challenge to Lopez, he was quick to acknowledge the upcoming fight between Lopez and Taylor as a significant event for the boxing fraternity.

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“He got a good fight going on Josh Taylor though, so shouts out to them too, man,” he admitted. “That’s gonna be a hell of a fight for the division, another fight for boxing, man.”

Davis praised both fighters, pointing out that they are putting on a grand spectacle for the fans and the sport of boxing. He especially had some words of praise for Taylor, “Josh Taylor a dog, man… on his best day, you know what I’m saying. I still got Josh Taylor on his worst day.”

A Gentleman’s Game

Ultimately, Davis demonstrated his respect for both fighters and his eagerness to witness the outcome of the Lopez-Taylor match. His sportsmanship shone through as he conveyed his sentiments, “I’m excited for that fight. I’m glad those two fighters took that fight. Shout out to them.”

The Anticipation of July

Keyshawn Davis confirmed his return to the ring in July. Without revealing much, he left fans in anticipation, promising a great show, “You can see me back in July. It’s going to be a great opponent, it’s going to be a great showing.”

The boxing world eagerly awaits the match, just as it awaits Davis’s next steps. His deep insights into the sport, paired with his youthful dynamism, make Davis a fascinating figure to follow, on and off the ring.

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