Keith Thurman wans Terence Crawford Next

07/30/2023 - No comments

Thurman admires Crawford’s athleticism and acknowledged his strength, which he believes has significantly contributed to his success in his boxing career. Speaking to Boxing News, Thurman said:

“Crawford is an amazing athlete. We grew up in the amateurs together. I’ve seen this man do so much throughout his career. I salute that man,” Thurman said.

Thurman felt that Spence fell short because he’d never faced an athlete of Crawford’s caliber before.

“Spence has never fought an athlete. That’s why I stick to boxing and stick and move. You got to get in your groove, and Crawford got in his groove,” he said.

Desire for the Next Fight

Despite expressing his desire to face off against the winner of the Crawford vs. Spence figh, Thurman highlighted the realities of boxing and how the next fight isn’t always about personal preference.

“It’s not about who I want next. Y’all don’t know how boxing works. It’s not just about what I want. I don’t got the time to wait to get what I want. I want that next, but I gotta go pick up other checks, I gotta stay busy,” Thurman stated.

Thurman revealed his intention to stay active, shrugging off criticisms about not fighting enough and expressing his eagerness to keep the ball rolling.

“Everybody talks about ‘you don’t fight enough, you got all this ring rust’. Let me get back to work, let me get this ball rolling. Like I’ve always done, I’ve made some of the biggest, baddest, and most exciting fights,” he said.

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