Kambosos vs Hughes: “What I saw up there today was a man unprepared”

07/21/2023 - No comments

George Kambosos Jr. takes on top contender Maxi Hughes on Saturday. live on ESPN  at Firelake Arena in Shawnee, Oklahoma. Here is what Kambosos said speaking To Fight Hype:

When asked about his upcoming fight and the condition of his opponent Hughes, Kambosos commented,

“What I saw up there today was a man unprepared. I’ve studied my opponent and I’m prepared to exploit every weakness in his game. Come Saturday night, whatever I’ve seen in his eyes, he’ll have to deal with.”

Kambosos also shared insight into his rigorous training routine. He noted,

“It’s been a brutal five weeks. There’s been a heat wave but that hasn’t dampened our spirits. I thrive in such conditions; it brings out the best in me.”

Discussing his training, Kambosos said,

“Our preparation has been phenomenal. Every part of the training and game plan has been executed to precision. This pure confidence you see is a result of the hard work we’ve put in.”

The boxer further added,

“Right now, my weight is perfect. It feels surreal that the weigh-in is tomorrow. I feel fit, ready, and there are no issues.”

While Kambosos radiates confidence, he also questions his opponent’s commitment. He pondered,

“Is my opponent really here for the fight or is it a vacation for him? Does he really want to be here? We’ll find that out on Saturday night.”

Kambosos suggests that the real test will be when the first punch lands, saying,

“When I land my shots early on, he’s really going to start questioning his presence in the ring.”

Finally, Kambosos touched upon being a father and how it fuels his ambition in the ring. He mentioned,

“He may be giving presents to his children, and that’s nice. But the present I’m giving is taking this victory and dedicating it to my son.”

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