Kambosos vs Hughes: “I’m very focused on dismantling Maxi Hughes”

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Kambosos vs Hughes  will be aired live on ESPN+ starting 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT.

In an exclusive interview with Fight Hype,  George Kambosos shed light on his experiences and thoughts leading up to his fight with Maxi Hughes. Kambosos looks confident, fit, and focused.

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“I’ve been fantastic, man. I put in extreme amounts of work and I feel refreshed, very motivated,” Kambosos commented. “We’re here in Vegas but we have not gone near the strip; we’ve been in the suburbs here.”

Kambosos moved his camp from Sydney to Los Angeles and then Las Vegas, focusing all his energy on his training, undeterred by the scorching Las Vegas heatwave.

During the camp for Devin Haney, Kambosos and his team decided to stay in Australia. Reflecting on this decision, Kambosos noted a difference in his feelings.

“You learn from these mistakes,” Kambosos admitted. “Looking back at it, yeah, we should have been here in the US.”

On Training at City Athletics

The young boxer has recently set up at City Athletics, which he describes as an “unbelievable facility.”

“The owner of the gym is a fantastic person,” Kambosos stated. “We just gave a little present today to the gym and to City Athletic and you know, that’s just a little bit of appreciation for what they were able to offer me.”

With each training day, Kambosos seems more satisfied and excited about the upcoming fight.

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 Maxi Hughes

The air in the interview room thickened when the conversation veered towards Hughes. Kambosos expressed his thoughts on Hughes’ remarks about him.

“I don’t have no reason to talk in this fight,” Kambosos declared. “I’m just very focused on dismantling him and taking him out in fashion. I’ve been actually very quiet for this promotion.”

It’s no secret that Kambosos holds more experience in world title fights than his opponent. He doesn’t shy away from highlighting this aspect.

“I’ve been in this Championship caliber fights and big Stadium fights and I’ve fought the best of the best in the world,” Kambosos asserted. “Like I said many times, it’s a big difference when you have been playing checkers in your local area and then you step up to play chess against the elite.”

Despite his confidence, Kambosos showed respect for his opponent, acknowledging Hughes as a good fighter and a deserving competitor.

“Max is a good fighter, he’s a good English fighter, tough,” Kambosos remarked. “I thought he was deserving of the shot, deserving of you know to make a bit of money from the sport.”

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