Kambosos Jr Picks Devin Haney To Beat Gervonta “Tank” Davis

05/30/2023 - No comments

In a recent interview with Fight Hub TV, George Kambosos offered deep insights into what makes fellow boxer Devon Haney so unique. He highlighted Haney’s physical attributes, control, and punching power, also reflecting on their intense fights and discussing potential future bouts.

Understanding Devon Haney’s Style

“The thing with Devon is he’s got that big reach,” said Kambosos, “He knows how to control his distance, his reach, his movement…He’s got that explosive, sharp punching power.”

Kambosos further elaborated on how Haney utilizes his reach and movement to control the fight. “The way he controls the four inches, you could have a hundred inches and not be able to control the distance of fight guys that are taller and longer and rangier than Devon.”

Devon Haney’s Punching Power

Kambosos, from his experience fighting Haney, broke down the difference in Haney’s punching power from their first to the second fight. “I think I felt every shot from him,” Kambosos said, “His power did get better from the first to the second fight, and you can see he’s bigger and stronger now.”

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Kambosos also mentioned Haney’s improvement from their first fight to the second. He noted that Haney came with a better game plan, throwing sharper jabs, and making the fight much more interesting. He recalled, “I think it’s the first time he’s ever been cut, and he was bleeding from his eye and mouth. He definitely improved his power from the first to the second fight.”

However, when asked to rate Haney’s power on a scale from one to ten, Kambosos described it as “probably like a six or seven.” He went on to explain, “It’s a good punch. It’s enough to stop you in your tracks, but not a power punch that’s going to put you to sleep.”

Devon Haney Vs. Tank: A Comparison

When asked to compare Haney with Gervonta “Tank” Davis, Kambosos was cautious, stating he hadn’t been in the ring with Davis yet. “I think Devon’s just bigger, busier and has better fundamentals, but again, Tank is a very good fighter too,” he said.

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Message to Fans and “Keyboard Warriors”

Kambosos ended his interview by expressing gratitude towards his fans and showing defiance against online detractors, the so-called “Keyboard Warriors.” “I appreciate the fans, the positive ones, the negative ones, everyone back in boxing,” he said. “I’ll come out and say what I want to say. I don’t really care. I’ve done it. I’ve got every single belt sitting at home.”

Upcoming Bouts?

Kambosos expressed his desire to fight Tank Davis in the future, stating he would have loved to fight him when he had all the belts. For now, he remains focused on his immediate goals, assuring fans, “Once I do my job and the hype is really back, make a statement, then we can get it on.”

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